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#101 Posted by nivi (109 posts) -
@CornBREDX: I'm working on an EP about planetary colonisation. Should be done by September.
#102 Posted by zityz (2360 posts) -

Problem is Ryan has terrific Knife stabbing abilities. Usually followed but 5 times the amount of uh's. He also might know some of Gabe's knife abilities. Just sayin :P

As for the song. Love the dark humor in it.
#103 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -

Been listening to this all day now, soooo catchy.

#104 Posted by Scooper (7881 posts) -

Wow. That was pretty amazing. Great voice you got there, too.

#105 Posted by Deusoma (3040 posts) -

There are no words adequate to describe the awesomeness of this action, Nivi. 

I fucking love this site. It has the best community on the Internet. 
#106 Posted by ajamafalous (12229 posts) -

I'm so glad I saw this. Hats off to you.

#107 Posted by Gregomasta (1541 posts) -

Just reading that without hearing the song at all puts me in a dark place.

#108 Posted by ajamafalous (12229 posts) -
@Sin4profit said:
" i like the part where the guy turned all surprise British. "
Lol, this.
#109 Posted by Einherjan (596 posts) -

This made my day, sir.

#110 Posted by Wunder_ (1171 posts) -

If I listened to this while sleeping would I just sleep kill anyone called Ryan? Pretty dark stuff man.

#111 Posted by Djstyles92 (953 posts) -

Absolutely amazing

#112 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Holy shit. That's awesome.

#113 Posted by Toxin066 (3338 posts) -

WOW. Duder, that was seriously impressive.

#114 Posted by Kyle (2326 posts) -

That's fuckin' amazing.

#115 Posted by RE_Player1 (7530 posts) -


#116 Posted by BurningHunter (60 posts) -

This was actually a really great song. Makes for a good Audiosurf level too.

#117 Posted by JBG4 (528 posts) -

this is fantastic sir...
#118 Posted by evilrazer (503 posts) -

This song is just incredible, don't kill Ryan though.

#119 Posted by StressedOutCat (241 posts) -

pretty catchy tune.

#120 Posted by gallilee (19 posts) -
Holy shit! Well done. 
#121 Posted by countinhallways (630 posts) -

Perfect. Great job dude.

#122 Posted by Flaboere (343 posts) -

This is absolutely awesome. I've listened to this song several times today and yesterday.

A question though, what's the deal with Ryan stealing Rorie, what's that about?
#123 Posted by nivi (109 posts) -
@Flaboere: Kinda freaked out that you are the first person to raise an objection to the Ryan/Rorie/Jeff love triangle theory. I have very little solid evidence to back up Jeff's involvement, but Ryan and Rorie are not even slightly subtle about it. I'd point you at some relevant happy hours, but I can't.
#124 Posted by Flaboere (343 posts) -
@nivi: Hehe, it's not really an objection, more of an inquiry; I certainly have noticed the Rorie/Ryan handholding in certain Happy Hours, just never noticed the Jeff/Rorie thing!
#125 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

It's like, I tell myself this community can't get more awesome. Then it does.

#126 Posted by KickahaOta (145 posts) -

Don't listen! It gets into your head! RYAN MUST BE SAVED!
#127 Posted by fisher81 (535 posts) -


#128 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1234 posts) -

This is truly amazing.

#129 Posted by elcalavera (353 posts) -

This is god damn great. Wow!

#130 Posted by YoThatLimp (1946 posts) -

"Y ou guys have been like creepy uncles to me, telling me about jokes and culture from before i was born that rightfully i shouldn't know about"

Yesss haha
#131 Posted by audiosnag (1582 posts) -

so good.. SO good

#132 Posted by Rsvaret (47 posts) -

so awesome!

#133 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -

im just like weirded out right now 

#134 Posted by face15 (1306 posts) -

Dude, this is fucking great.

#135 Posted by GetEveryone (4459 posts) -



#136 Posted by forestd (18 posts) -

Don't mind me, just bumping this because it's effing awesome and amazing

#137 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

So I joined Spotify today and it went digging around my hard drive looking for music and this is the first song it found. I of course listened to it twice in a row. It's so good.

#138 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5467 posts) -

This is beautiful.

#139 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5161 posts) -

I can't lie I shed a tear.

#140 Posted by allworkandlowpay (873 posts) -

Reading the lyrics first without listening to it made it a lot creepier for me than it should have been.

#141 Posted by Tebbit (4489 posts) -

I can't believe I missed this the first time round! Truly phenomenal.

#142 Posted by DeeGee (2150 posts) -

You have to kill Ryan

#143 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

Someone should turn this song into a Fallout: New Vegas mod. Jeff will be hidden away in a bunker with a radio tower that is broadcasting out into the wasteland. Ryan is the evil tyrant with a band of mercenaries who is trying to shut down the signal and oppress the people. In true Fallout fashion you'll be able to choose who you side with and which faction will win. Of course you'll be able to use your pip-boy to pick up the radio station looping the episodes of NDX.
Side quests: scavenge parts for Rick "The Ricker" Peterson, look for the fabled pre-war dual screen pip-boy

#144 Posted by pweidman (2384 posts) -

Oh my. Poor Ryan. It's been great duder but your time has come. At least we have Vinny and Dave still...we'll make it through this. 0.0

#145 Posted by harinosho (606 posts) -

how did i miss this.. great stuff! more songs like this and you'll be a hit

#146 Posted by fresh2deafbill (805 posts) -

link is dead

#147 Posted by nivi (109 posts) -

Ah. Thanks, fixed. I knew I'd forget something with the site redesign.

#148 Posted by TheKbob (147 posts) -

Amazing! Great!... Yes!

#149 Posted by Tuggah (1074 posts) -

Fuck you. Ryan is forever.

#150 Posted by EkajArmstro (398 posts) -

This song is amazing, especially the transition into the first chorus!!!!!

I added the lyrics to lyricsplugin :P