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When did it begin? Can you remember the first game you played, or merely the time that a game just 'clicked' with you and you began playing more and more etc?

For me, I started playing games late, but I was around 10 and it was a Pokemon on the GameBoy Colour. I was on a flight to Sydney (23hours) and I played it on my brand new Colour for probably 20 hours straight. Other than that...Crash Bandicoot/G Police on the PS1 which I played at my cousins.....


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For me sega or nintendo. Its kinda hard for me to remember.

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Super Mario Bros. on my NES when I was like 2-3.

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@ajamafalous said:

Super Mario Bros. on my NES when I was like 2-3.

Same, SMB and Life Force for the NES. Around the same age too. In a half-finished basement on a table that, when I think back, was probably the biggest table in the universe. My dad and I sat in high-backed chairs, he with a snifter of brandy, me with orange juice, we flew like Vic Viper and killed some sort of... cyber... space... dragon... cancer thing.


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My first gaming experience was watching my older brother and dad play the SNES before joining in. I got owned at Street Fighter II, Super Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, and just about every other game we owned. Good times. I don't know how you guys could possibly remember anything at two years old - my earliest memories are around age four or so.

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I don't remember my first experience with video games.

I do remember my first experience of co-op multiplayer with two computers though. My brother and a friend of his had their computers linked through a hub cable and played Doom. I remember how I was amazed at this. When they were out, me and a friend got to borrow their computers and I was immediately hooked for life on multiplayer gaming. :)

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My first game was either Gravity Wars or the original Prince of Persia on MS-DOS when I was about six.

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supermario world for the original gameboy

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Would've been Commodore 64 for me, maybe even as early as 2 years of age. Though I can't remember which games specifically would have been my first... at that age it was mostly just watching my brothers, but I played a lot of it in the years to come.

I'm thinking of a game now I used to play on it... I want to say it was called Time Bandit, but that's not listed as a Commodore title. It indeed involved time travel and stealing shit, though.

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I cut my teeth on the NES with SMB and Duck Hunt.

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It was something on the SNES, we had Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, and Starfox for sure. One of those.

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Hard to tell since I was less than three years old, but it was definitely on the Zx Spectrum, probably Sabre Wulf or Atic Atac.

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Original Game Boy. Gradius: The Interstellar Assault. My dad brought it home when I was four or five years old. Someone had left it in a car they'd sold to a dealership and never came back for it, so he brought it home to me and I played it all of that day, was finally forced to bed, and then got up at 5 am (as a 4 year old with no alarm clock) and played it again until the batteries died.

I got an SNES with Donkey Kong Country that Christmas, and an ad for Super Metroid, which I begged for but my parents wouldn't get because they thought it looked "evil". After a year of begging for it in every single store they got it for me the next Christmas and that was it - I was a gamer for life. Never not gonna own one, unless I lose a hand or go blind.

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An Ego Shooter... but... see for yourselves...

The Eidolon on C64

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Yep. I'm officially old.

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Two years old, playing Atari. Don't remember anything.

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Oh boy, can't quite remember what was first. I probably had some experience playing some Ms. Pac Man at the laundry mat down the street. But as far as stuff I owned goes, it'd either be this random old ass PC game simply called 'Fokker' or Super Mario Bros on NES. I can't find any information on Fokker anywhere, but it was an early flight/dog fighting game with a first person view and 2D graphics. I remember shooting up some zeppelins.

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When I was a kid my dad let us play his Atari 2600, it was the first console of any kind I played and one of the first games I remember playing on it was the 2600 version of Donkey Kong. I'm sure some folks would argue about whether or not if it's as good as it's arcade original but it was fun enough for us to be playing it for hours, just wanting to get to the top and see how far we could go. It was a magical time.

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Atari in the kitchen, hooked up to this POS like 12 inch TV or something.

Other than that, it was my birthday, I was probably like 6-7? I don't remember how they revealed it to me but essentially my parents had bought me an NES (the one that came with Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Meet, Zapper & Power Pad. I can remember chasing my dad around the house because he was teasing me about giving it to me. I finally caught him, we hooked it up to an old Commodore 64 monitor and I played Mario for a while. I used that C64 monitor for years to play games, probably up until PS1.

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The earliest I remember is my babysitter bringing over games to play. Back To The Future Part II and III is one I keep recalling as being an early experience. SMB/Duck Hunt were obviously very early as well, but I don't really remember those.


I just loved going back and forth in time. The game itself was so strange though.

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I think Duck Hunt was the first video game I have memories playing, around age 3 or 4?

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I honestly can't remember first gaming experience, but it was probably with the NES or one of those simple hand-held LCD games.

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When I was 6-8, I remember playing Sunset Riders and absolutely loving it.

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I think I was around 8 years old when I got my first SNES with Yoshi's Story on it.

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Not specifically, but I remember being so young that I needed my dads help to get Super Mario Bros. to work in our NES (which was finicky as shit). Probably 2 or 3.

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I played Chevy Chase for the Commodore 64 with some other dirt bike game. It wasn't until I got a SNES and a DOS PC when I actually got a bit more serious about games though.

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I was little and my dad was playing DOOM on our PC, I had watched him play it all the time, and he finally let me play since my mom was at the store. It was awesome, and right after we played it for a bit we played sonic the hedgehog all day. The next best was when my uncle who was like 20 at the time showed me age of empires, I was hooked and I've loved strategy games ever since.

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I'm almost positive the first time I remember playing Super Mario World is the first time I played a vidja game.

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I came to America when I was 5 and my brother showed me his NES and his Atari. The NES was the crazy high tech system in the house.

But as for actual game I played? Pretty sure it was Defender. And it was awesome.

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Yup SEGA Genesis, Lion King and Jungle Book. It was fucking awesome! (I was like 4)

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I was probably about 6 and I believe it was Bubble Bobble for the NES at a neighbors house.

It was fantastic.

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Sure the first game I ever played was Karate Champ at a hotel when I was vacation with my parents. Played for like three hour bursts and fought all comers. I was 8.

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Cobra Command seated arcade cabinet (with the help of my brother) at Chuck E. Cheese. I was 4.

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NES Duck Hunt.

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Think it was Pitfall on my uncle's 2600.

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I wanna say that I was like 3-4 and first played Super Mario 64. Can't remember for sure if that is right, though.

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My first gaming experience was playing Pong for the Atari 2600.

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I ran right and died to the goomba for a couple days until I realized there was a jump button.

I was 2. Sue me.

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my first gaming experiences were playing stuff like Adventure, Dig Dug, Haunted House, etc. on my parents Atari 2600 and some games on their Intellivision when I was like 4. I also played some arcade games around that time, but really didn't get into playing games that much until we got the NES and Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo. I played the hell out of that and yet still haven't beaten SMB till this day lol

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I'm pretty sure my first gaming experience was playing a little of Disney's Hercules on the PS1 at some kid's birthday party when I was in primary school, although I also remember around that time there being a lot of talk about Pokemon at school and at least once seeing other kids playing Pokemon on their Gameboys. It just fascinated me

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Been gaming longer than my effective memory extends. My first memories of gaming that weren't blurry, were of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Megadrive.

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At my fathers knee, at the age of three. Some old helicopter game, he moved the helicopter and I was responsible for shooting. That was 26 years ago.

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Playing Contra with my Dad when I was 2. I remember him getting super angry at me when I would move the screen up (thus getting him killed) on the third level. My mom would come in and say "He's only 2... Calm down."

My parents are separated. I'm not saying the two are directly related, but...

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Age of Empires, I was 6 and didn't know a word of English but I managed to pick it up...somehow.

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Not specifically, but I know that it was on a TI-99/4A. Hence the picture on my profile page.

TI-99/4A circa 1985

If I had to guess, it was probably TI Invaders or Pac-Man.

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Impossible Mission on a C64 back in '85 and I don't remember a thing about it.

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I don't remember the exact game. My parents bought my brother and I a crap load of games with our Atari in 1984, and it's hard to pinpoint which was first. I'm pretty sure it's between Moon Buggy, Asteroids and Space Invaders. Even had a Chuck Norris game. Even when he was comprised of 10 pixels, he still kicked ass.