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Poll: GotG Round 1: Heavy Rain vs. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (617 votes)

Heavy Rain 46%
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective 54%

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This should be an interesting head-to-head between two very different kinds of detective games.

Heavy Rain (2010)

What the community has to say:

Despite these few flaws in the game, it still stands out as an exceptional piece of storytelling. The fact that you can direct how the scenes play out, and knowing they'll have an impact on later events, really gets you invested in each interaction. Imagine if each time you watched a movie, it was a different version than the one you saw before. That's what you get with Heavy Rain. This is a dark yet moving story that made me think about the characters and what they were willing to do to stop a killer. It's definitely a game that will stay on my mind for a while.

From user review by @jimmyjackjones

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (2010)

What the community has to say:

It's hard to quantify what makes a game like Ghost Trick so endearing. Much like the Ace Attorney series before it, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective just has a kind of immeasurable charm that is difficult to accurately express through language alone. Perhaps it speaks solely to the strength of the writing, but if one thing is for certain it is that Shu Takumi has delivered once again on the concept of an enthralling virtual narrative.

From user review by @lordxavierbritish

Voting closes at 12pm GMT / 4am PST Thursday.

#1 Edited by Captain_Felafel (1695 posts) -

If Ghost Trick doesn't end up taking this poll, I will have lost all faith in this website's community.

#2 Posted by Phatmac (5923 posts) -

Please don't let Heavy Rain win. It's a horrible game with a horrible story that has huge plot holes that are never answered. Stuff like Ethan's random black outs are never explained. It's also a horrible exploitation of women with a creepy strip scene. Ghost Trick is an incredible game that has one of my favorite art styles in any game. It's a great story that also has great gameplay that is unique. It also has incredible music and the best dog in any game. Vote for Ghost Trick.

#3 Posted by Demoskinos (16511 posts) -

Fuck Heavy Rain.

#4 Edited by Leonshade (63 posts) -

You have two options: Ghost or Trick. Choose wisely.

#5 Posted by Yummylee (23656 posts) -

Unfortunately this is another pairing that leaves the choices a little one-sided for me, as I've never played Ghost Trick. Heavy Rain I at least genuinely enjoyed despite its faults, so I'm not completely opposed to giving it the vote anywhoo.

#6 Posted by Canteu (2912 posts) -

Heavy Rain is a piece of shit.

#7 Posted by Flappy (2407 posts) -

Ghost Trick wins.

#8 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

Let it Heavy Rain

#9 Posted by Danteveli (1322 posts) -

Had ore fun with Ghost Trick even if the story turned out to be pretty silly.

#10 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

One of the best DS games of all time and one of the best 2010 games. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, but it has nothing on Ghost Trick.

#11 Edited by hermes (1801 posts) -

I can appreciate Heavy Rain's ambition and creative design (for a AAA game, it took some ballsy risks in its design) but, in the end, I can't forgive the fact that it fall flat on paying off that ambition. At the same time, Ghost Trick is just full of charisma...

#12 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

These poll results are really making me happy. Ghost trick!

#13 Posted by AMyggen (5201 posts) -

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated Heavy Rain for the writing and voice acting. Ghost Trick was alright, so going with that.

#14 Edited by audioBusting (1810 posts) -

I love Heavy Rain, but Takumi Shu and Missile wins.

#15 Posted by McLargepants (427 posts) -

I love that Heavy Rain is losing to a game I've never heard of. Heavy Rain deserves an embarrassing defeat.

#16 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -
@flappy said:

Ghost Trick wins.

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#17 Posted by Abendlaender (3009 posts) -

Ghost Trick obviously

#18 Posted by Milkman (18092 posts) -

I voted Heavy Rain just to say fuck you to Ghost Trick for beating Elite Beat Agents in the prelims.

#19 Posted by RonGalaxy (3705 posts) -

Faith lost in the community

#20 Posted by golguin (4632 posts) -

Ghost Trick is probably one of the most overlooked games ever, which is a tragedy because it's so damn good.

#21 Edited by oldenglishC (1118 posts) -

This is the the first bracket that didn't make me feel bad for choosing one good game over another. Easy win for Ghost Trick.

#22 Edited by Damodar (1691 posts) -

@yummylee said:

Unfortunately this is another pairing that leaves the choices a little one-sided for me, as I've never played Ghost Trick. Heavy Rain I at least genuinely enjoyed despite its faults, so I'm not completely opposed to giving it the vote anywhoo.

I kind of hope more people take the stance of just not voting if they haven't played both. It would be sad for an amazing game like Ghost Trick to lose a matchup more because it was the less-played of the two instead of because it was the lesser quality game.

I think Heavy Rain was interesting and enjoyable. It was another evolution of David Cage's weird experimenting and, despite some pretty big issues, it did actually have some pretty fantastic moments.

But Ghost Trick is the sort of game that makes me want to bully people in to playing it.

#23 Edited by BeachThunder (13352 posts) -

You...you don't want to make Missile sad, do you? Do you? ;__;

#24 Edited by mrfluke (5682 posts) -

You...you don't want to make Missile sad, do you? Do you? ;__;

#25 Posted by GunstarRed (5907 posts) -

You...you don't want to make Missile sad, do you? Do you? ;__;

#26 Posted by Hunter5024 (6445 posts) -

I should really play Ghost Trick. Happy to see Heavy Rain isn't getting stomped, which is what I expected.

#27 Edited by Veektarius (5456 posts) -
#28 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

I'm voting Heavy Rain just to troll the community.

#29 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Ghost Trick because it's a really good game. Heavy Rain is like a bad B-movie you enjoy ironically.

#30 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4952 posts) -

A game that is almost totally based on presenting a story can't have such an absolutely awful one. No thank you Heavy Rain.

#31 Edited by Petiew (1388 posts) -

I'm voting Heavy Rain just to troll the community.

This is only to be used in dire circumstances, but you've earned it King.

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#32 Posted by BisonHero (8638 posts) -

@danteveli said:

Had ore fun with Ghost Trick even if the story turned out to be pretty silly.

If by "pretty silly" you mean "MASTERFUL", then I agree.

#33 Posted by Nasar7 (3041 posts) -

I really liked Heavy Rain, more than most I think, but eff yeah Ghost Trick.

#34 Edited by FriendlyPhoenix (586 posts) -

I really, really like Heavy Rain, but Ghost Trick is Ghost Trick.

#35 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

Fuck Heavy Rain. Ghost Trick is the shit.

#36 Posted by Budwyzer (780 posts) -

Starcraft 2

#37 Posted by Sarumarine (2499 posts) -
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Ghost Trick has sick beats and Heavy Rain doesn't.

But seriously, I know it's nearly effortless to dislike Heavy Rain (and/or all things related to David Cage) but while Ghost Trick is low-tech by comparison it has a vice grip on what it wants to be. Everything is nailed down tight from characters to story to the soundtrack to the gameplay. That game has personality for days and days. While Heavy Rain felt to me like they tried to brute force with tech while cutting corners on just about everything else from voice acting, to plot, to likable characters. Heavy Rain has Jason no soul. Ghost Trick has Missile.

Gotta support Ghost Trick.

#38 Edited by ArbitraryWater (12968 posts) -

It heartens me to see all of the Ghost Trick appreciation in this thread, because that game is dope.

#39 Edited by RazielCuts (3091 posts) -

I'm starting to wonder how many people that are like 'Fuck Heavy Rain, fucking thing sucks' have actually played it?

I think people actually miss the whole definition of 'Game of the Generation' thing to begin with in these polls, this isn't your favourite game out of the two , this is what in this generation of gaming did this game do differently that made it stand out from previous generations. (At least thats what I've thought these polls have been about, if it's simply Favourite Game of the Generation then fuck it, Fallout 3.)

Ghost Trick was a cool point and click puzzle adventure type game with a great art style, humorous story and set up and neat mechanics.

Heavy Rain on the other hand had its flaws - poor dialogue, voice acting and mishandled story. But it also strived to attempt things that games simply aren't doing right now - a sense of permanence, consequences for your actions, an adaptive story that crafted itself (not always successfully) around you. A mature, dark subject matter that games haven't tried to tackle before. A control scheme that strived to mimic the actions you were performing in game and make them some what relatable.

Were Quantic Dream always successful in everything they tried to do with Heavy Rain? No. But I'd much rather have games like this try and fail and push forward with interactive storytelling than have 100 more games that use the same recycled tropes and mechanics over and over again (not talking about Ghost Trick here just the games industry in general).

#40 Edited by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

I have not played both games (which I believe would make it unfair for me to vote), but I'm just coming in here to say that Heavy Rain is a great experience and it gets more hate then it deserves.

For transparency reasons I am announcing that I decided to vote for Heavy Rain because people in this thread are saying a lot of really extreme things about a game they probably didn't even play.

#41 Posted by ogto (140 posts) -

pfff, fuck that heavy shit, GHOST TRICK ALL DA WAY

nothing against heavy rain, didn't even play it, but i love ghost trick A LOT. and what a fantastic soundtrack...

#42 Posted by Liquidus (959 posts) -

@razielcuts: Actually playing Heavy Rain is not a prerequisite to saying "Fuck Heavy Rain".

#43 Posted by Marz (5753 posts) -

ghost trick is really good, more people should play it.

#44 Posted by RecSpec (4697 posts) -

Ghost Trick was pretty good, but Heavy Rain is my favorite PS3 game. (Also it should have been TWEWY you monsters!)

#45 Posted by FlipperDesert (2142 posts) -


Only one of these games has a talking dog.

#46 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

You...you don't want to make Missile sad, do you? Do you? ;__;

#47 Edited by SlashDance (1864 posts) -

Heavy Rain is better than people give it credit for, despite the plot holes and bad acting.

Still, Ghost Trick is a better game.

#48 Posted by mernmern (51 posts) -

Heavy Rain was my favorite game of 2010. The updated quicktime style combined with the loss of key characters and the automatic save system resulted in an ambiance and experience that I still fondly remember.

#49 Posted by chrissedoff (2245 posts) -

Ugh. The dreaded Heavy Rain. I don't generally like portable games, but at least Ghost Trick is pretty good.

#50 Posted by BaconGames (3892 posts) -

It does my heart good to see all this Ghost Trick love. It easily became one of my games of the year that year and one of my favorites ever. It might be closer than I'd like but justice will win out. If you haven't played it and you own an iPad or DS, you owe it to yourself I think.