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Poll: How long is your average gaming session? (321 votes)

< 1 Hour 7%
1 - 2 Hours 40%
2- 3 Hours 28%
3 - 4 Hours 13%
4 - 5 Hours 6%
5 - 6 Hours 2%
6< Hours 3%

After hearing Brad talk about how long he can play DOTA for, It got me wondering how long the users of GB tend to play a game for at a time. I figured it might be interesting to see! Please put down the average length of a single gaming session. If, like myself, you tend to play for a shorter time,do something else and then go back and play more just put how long an individual session would be before you decide you want to do something else.

#1 Posted by pyromagnestir (4344 posts) -

It varies wildly depending on the game, but for the majority of games I probably can't play more than 90 minutes or so before I feel like putting it down for a while.

#2 Posted by Skyfire543 (810 posts) -

It depends on the game, but I'd say 2-3 hours on average.

#3 Posted by JacDG (2132 posts) -

Usually no longer than an hour and a half, if that much. I once played Tales of Vesperia 12 hours three days in a row, but that was after 6 months of not gaming.

#4 Edited by SketchAEtch (39 posts) -

I'd also say it depends on the game. I love playing games on the hardest difficulty, but sometimes that takes a toll on me; especially after 'one of those days.'

MMOs or MOBAs give me that 'one more quest' or 'one more game' mentality like Brad talks about on DotA 2. I'll find myself looking at the clock and going asking myself where the hell the last five hours went.

#5 Edited by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

Usually 2-3 hours but I guess it depends on the type of game I'm playing. If it a very story driven game like Bioshock or Tomb Raider I will play it for a couple of hours and then take a break. But I can play RPGs like Skyrim for several hours in one sitting

#6 Edited by believer258 (12305 posts) -

Generally, an hour or two and then I take a break.

Per day, though, it's probably more like 4-6 on days when I don't work or go to school.

#7 Edited by Fredchuckdave (6279 posts) -

Varies tremendously, if I want to become dominant at whichever multiplayer genre or am on the cusp of a platinum trophy it could be 5-6 hours (Resident Evil 6 some of the time); if I'm experimenting with something it's probably 2-4 hours (Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX, Resident Evil 6 most of the time), if I'm just messing around for a few it's 30 minutes to 2 hours or so (Tomb Raider multiplayer); lately I'm alternating baseball/NBA playoffs and games with games taking up slightly less time. MMOs are another thing entirely but I've kind of done everything you could possibly do that would be satisfying in MMOs and they're dying at least until Titan so there's not really any point going back to that. I might well play Dark Souls 2 for 8 hours a day for 3 weeks however, but it's a rare game that's that compelling alongside having a ton of replay-ability aspects (plus I'd be mostly doing it for benefit of writing a comprehensive review).

#8 Posted by Dick_Mohawk (389 posts) -

On weekends usually a couple of hours for games I enjoy. For games that had a massive impact like Elite on the C64 or Skyrim on this machine, anything up to 6 hours.

Weekdays, not so much, usually knackered when I get home. Maybe an hour or 2 if I'm up to it.

#9 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

Typically an hour and a half, I'd say. Sometimes I can lose a few hours without meaning to, particularly in RPGs where it's easy to flow from one quest to the next.

#10 Edited by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

I dont have an average. I can play anywhere from a single multiplayer match of a shooter or a single fight in a fighting game and thats enough, or i can play all day long, or anywhere in between. Depends on the game and more importantly my mood.

If im in a good mood and have nothing to do, like no plans, yeah i'll play for long periods of time. If im cranky or depressed or angry, i dont enjoy games as much so i wont play as much.

#11 Edited by ajamafalous (12229 posts) -

It varies wildly. Some random indie games I can only play for 15-45 minutes before I have to stop, but I can chain Dota games together like nobody's business.

#12 Posted by Redbullet685 (6107 posts) -

I'd say somewhere around 1-3 hours. I usually don't do much more without a long break.

#13 Posted by BeachThunder (12583 posts) -

It honestly completely depends on the game. I suppose usually an hourish, often less. Although, sometimes I find myself playing something for hours and hours on end.

#14 Posted by ProfessorK (835 posts) -

If I'm not dead tired after work and a meal, then I can usually play for 5-6hrs. Tho, that depends on the game. I play MH3U and that's 6hrs easy. Other games I'll play for an hour or 2 and take a break and eat then either nap or read stuff or watch movies.

#15 Posted by rebgav (1429 posts) -

At the moment, with no really meaty new releases, I play for about 4 hours with short breaks. October through January it's closer to 8 hours, a lot of all-night sessions mostly, perhaps longer on the weekend if the opportunity arises.

I find it quite easy to carve out that amount of play-time because I don't lose much time to sleeping. I try to keep two or three days a week free of any sort of gaming, I find this to be a more balanced arrangement than playing for a couple of hours every day.

#16 Posted by Joeyoe31 (820 posts) -

During semesters, I can't play for long. So I'd average it around 1-2 hours. During winter or summer break however, it jumps up to around 3-4 hours.

#17 Posted by Torrim (349 posts) -

I would say most of my sessions are between 45-90 minutes, but when you average in those occasional long sessions it balances out to between 1-2 hours. Every once and while I'll pull a long run. I remember playing Skyrim and finishing up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with a few six-hour, eye-bleeding sessions.

#18 Posted by deox (230 posts) -

I can usually spend about an hour playing a game before I feel the need to get up and do something else. That changes when I get my hands on any RPG or strategy game that I really enjoy. The Elder Scrolls games get me every time. When each those games where released I could burn 4-6 hours, no problem. Same can be said for the Civ series and most Paradox strategy games, like Europa Universalis.

#19 Edited by EternalVigil (308 posts) -

For me it used to be on the higher end where if I was really into a game I could play it for 4-6 hours without stopping. Nowadays I have less time to play games, so I usually only play for about 2 hours.

#20 Edited by DR34DN0UGHT (37 posts) -

I'd say 2-3 hours.

#21 Posted by MentalDisruption (1677 posts) -

Depends on the game. If I have nothing to do and its a game I'm really into, probably 3-4 hours before I go do something else for a bit. If it's a game like Civ, I could probably go all day depending on whatever else is going on that day.

#22 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6086 posts) -

Unless I'm really dedicating a weekend to get through a game, i usually play a game 1 to 2 hours at a time.

#23 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2690 posts) -

Depends on the game. But I'll play for a little over an hour every day or so. Though i've been known to finish games in one sitting before, if I enjoy it that much.

#24 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

It varies a lot between games, but on average I would say about 45 minutes.

#25 Posted by Pr1mus (3972 posts) -

I can't keep any concentration for long and have to pause all the time and do something else. I'd say my average gaming session is 30-45 minutes.

My average Civ V gaming session is 10 hours. Go figure why this one game/franchise is different.

#26 Posted by _Zombie_ (1464 posts) -

It used to be pretty high, but it's down to an hour or two now.

#27 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4712 posts) -

lately it has been less than an hour.

#28 Edited by JBird (490 posts) -

Its kind of surprising, I had expected a lot of really long sessions, and while we can all drop some time here and there...the majority of us seem to be happy with 1, 2 hours sessions! When I was younger it was also about not being able to afford loads of games, for the GB staff the quicker a game can be finished and enjoyed the better for their job. But as a teenager I didn't really want to finish that game I'd waited 6 months for in 2 days!

#29 Edited by DxBecks (72 posts) -

It depends on the genre of game, and the game itself. I can play multiplayer for hours on end, but I normally play campaign's for about two hours at a time unless the story or campaign is incredibly engaging and well paced.

#30 Posted by Ben_H (3468 posts) -

A couple hours for most games. For SC2, anywhere from a half hour to 5 hours, depending on how I am playing.

#31 Edited by Hunter5024 (6069 posts) -

I don't really like switching to something else once I've started something. Unless I'm just trying to get a quick hour in before work, I'd say almost all of my sessions are at least 3-4 hours. Even then I usually only stop for an hour or two to get some food, play with my dog, and maybe go for a walk before I go back to it. This applies to almost everything I do.

#32 Posted by FourWude (2245 posts) -

Long enough. The 360's never complained.

#33 Posted by THRICE_604 (210 posts) -

Usually only an hour or two and I frequently take breaks. Don't half enough solid chunks of free time for much more. Most recent exception though is I did the back half of Bioshock Infinite in a five hour marathon session that I barely realized how much time had passed.

#34 Posted by THRICE_604 (210 posts) -

Usually only an hour or two and I frequently take breaks. Don't half enough solid chunks of free time for much more. Most recent exception though is I did the back half of Bioshock Infinite in a five hour marathon session that I barely realized how much time had passed.

#35 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (283 posts) -

Less than an hour on average, I generally play my 3DS more than anything, though.

#36 Posted by MeganeAgain (123 posts) -

I play for 2-3 hours usually, but there are some days where the duration of gaming sessions last much shorter.

#37 Posted by AndreTheGiant (5 posts) -

4-5 Hours usually much more on the weekends

#38 Posted by fisk0 (4690 posts) -

I know some of you don't like it when you necro threads, but that's what the internet is all about, and it'd be dumb to create a new thread with the exact same question and even phrasing as here.

I just realized that nearly every session I've got listed on Raptr is 20-45 minutes, lots of sessions in the past few weeks stop almost exactly at 30 minutes. So I guess that's very much how long my average gaming sessions are these days. Crazy to think I used to play for 6-8 hours in a row about 10 years ago.

Now, I do of course play multiple (20-45 minute) sessions in a single day at times, and on rare occasions I have played for several hours in a row, I did finish the Battlefield 4 campaign over the course of one weekend (and I think that was at least 4-5 hours), but that's pretty rare these days.

#39 Posted by Dalai (7092 posts) -

@fisk0: *shakes fist*

But seriously, typically an hour or two. The 6+ hour long marathons are less frequent these days, but it still happens.

#40 Posted by bluefish (570 posts) -

Maybe an hour, hour and a half if I'm playing by myself.

Being online with people can stretch that out pretty significantly if I'm fortunate enough to have the time. Usually super late at night.

#41 Edited by Vonocourt (2172 posts) -

Around an hour before I take a break.

#42 Posted by Steadying (1526 posts) -

Depends on how much I like the game and how much free time I have. If I'm really into a game I can play it almost all day.

#43 Posted by miko1222 (208 posts) -

When I just pick a game from my shelve that I've already completed before and I just want to replay, I'll probably just play for 2-3 hours. Sometimes 1. That's my average. When it's a game I've just gotten into and I'm getting really invested. I'll sometimes go 4-5 or maybe 6 hours on the console. Call me whatever you want - I was once gaming on my PS3 for about 9 hours on my Arkham Origins play through. I did however take breaks, eat meals and chat with family.

#45 Posted by rand0mZer00 (316 posts) -

It varies by game. Usually, I go an hour and then take a break to go workout or get some school work done. The last time I felt like I couldn't put the game down and kept playing for hours on end was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. A LInk Between Worlds was like that as well, but when work became more frequent I put it down and now I can't remember what I was doing last.

#46 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (534 posts) -

Usually around 1-2 hours, though today I spent about 5 hours playing Skyrim to finish up some quests I still had open.

#47 Posted by face15 (1306 posts) -

Typically I'll play for about 2 or 3 hours, but if I've got time and the game really has its hooks in me I can play all day (like 7 or 8 hours in one sitting).

#48 Posted by RonGalaxy (3284 posts) -

Depends on the game.

#49 Edited by SexualBubblegumX (542 posts) -

2-3 hours usually. Depends on the game though.

#50 Posted by ricky_alvarez_794628 (3 posts) -

I limit myself to 1 hour at a time (I literally time it)--for health reasons. At least once every hour I take the time to rest my eyes and do some stretches.

I do raid in WoW, though, where I can be playing for up to 4 hours a time (with breaks between).