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Hey all

I am looking to try getting back on my DS more after it has been left in my cupboard for many months with very rare use. I have been looking at GTA Chinatown Wars but would also look at other games.

Basically the thing that puts me off is how I want console type games on there rather than cut down games. Ideally I want something I can either play for a few minutes or spend hours on and still find it fun.

Any suggestions are accepted.

I own for it: New Super Mario Brothers, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart DS, Advance Wars Dual Strike, Wario Ware Twisted.


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GTA Chinatown Wars.  Oh, and... uh...

Chrono Trigger.  Yep.

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Cheers, I forgot to add, the cheaper the better, I dont really like to pay 30  pounds for a DS game, I dont know why but I have a bit of a block when it comes to handheld games with a high price.

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I don't know how pounds compare to dollars, but I'd recommend Rhythm Heaven and Chrono Trigger. Those two games have me totally addicted to my DS. They may cost 30 pounds or so but they're a ton of fun.

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Go to this board and check out some of the threads.  There is plenty of good choices in there.

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I like the Dragon Quest titles.  I suggest 4, 5 and Heroes.

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FF4, Chrono Trigger.

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Ace Attorney series
Professor Layton series
The World Ends With You

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There are tons of games worth getting. It's hard to name them all.

- Puzzle Quest
- Kirby's Canvas Curse (way better than NSMB in my opinion)
- Worms 2
- Animal Crossing

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GTA, Fire Emblem,

Oh, and Magic Tricks

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Jump Ultimate Stars...... You'll need to import it from Japan though.

Its like Smash bros, but with manga characters from Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, and lots more popular series. Really cool stuff, IMO.

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GnaTSoL said:
"Jump Ultimate Stars...... You'll need to import it from Japan though.Its like Smash bros, but with manga characters from Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, and lots more popular series. Really cool stuff, IMO."
Eh, I wouldn't recommend that unless you're really patient, and ready to keep a translation FAQ by your side. I bought it when I was in Japan, but couldn't work out what half the missions were about, or what was going on with half my manga panels (or whatever that was) and so stopped playing.
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The Castlevania games. Order of Ecclesia and Dawn of Sorrow are the better ones, but Portrain of Ruin is pretty good as well. Also, The World Ends With You. One of the best RPGs I've played.

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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Zelda, and recently I've been addicted to the Castlevania games.  Everyone disagrees on which one is the best, but you could do no wrong with Dawn of Sorrow, if you don't mind feeling very lost every once in a while.  Order of Ecclesia is a little more straightforward.  Starfox Command is good but feels a little lacking.  I agree, GTA is great...one of the best games on the DS period.  I personally didn't like The World Ends WIth You, but I'm not much of an RPG guy anyway.  Oh and Ninja Gaiden DS is perfect if you want a portable game that feels more substantial.

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No one has said Pokemon yet...

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Chrono trigger, super princess peach, and new super mario bros are just a few to name.

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Super Princess Peach, Disgaea DS, FinalFantasy III and IV, Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2 1/2 would be a good variety.

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All the Castlevania games are worth it.

Also sad to see no love for Henry Hatsworth here. The only caveat is that once you get to about the 4th world it gets punishingly difficult.

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GTA it does cost but they need the sales. For awhile I was worried about the top down but it is worth it, so cool

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Chinatown Wars is awesome. On sale this week, too.

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If you can Find The World Ends With You, then get that. it is one of the best Action RPGs ever.

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Hotel Dusk is a great deal for 19.99.

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The World Ends with You. One of my favouritest games evar!

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Avalon Code
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Final Fantasy A2
Rune Factory

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Lack of Sonic Rush in this thread is not good.

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Hm, pokemon is stupid as hell, damn my brother who is 5 likes that game. Granted I liked it too then, but that game is wayyyy too babyish for me.

I would say