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Whiskeyocalypse 2011


The Site Is Back Up!


Now that we got that out of our system...

Hopefully we have all survived the Whiskeyocalypse 2011 intact.  It was tough at first, but Dave's radio talk show kept us going.  Now, we must share out stories...

  • What was your favorite moment from all of the Whiskey Media shenanigans the past couple of days?
  • Did you do anything else to pass the time?
  • How come Burger King serves Coke icees in the morning, but not cherry?
  • Does Hardcore Dave still intimidate you?  Or he is now a savior?
  • What will happen to the Steam GB community chat now that we don't need it anymore?
  • Should we send Will's failed experiment potatoes to Amazon or just let Rorie eat them all?
  • Or should we send them to Google and make sure they don't go down like this?
  • What is up with those forklifts in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces?
  • And why don't the guards just carry guns?
  • Can we ever fully trust the Internet again?

This must all be recorded for our children and future generations, so that they will never make this mistake again and fall victim to the machines.

Topics Also Available for Discussion in Here

Should Dave's Radio Show be a regular occurrance?
Would you like to have more spontaneous "site outages" where all content will be live stream for a couple of days during down time?
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Hardcore Dave is no longer a symbol of intimidation, but a beacon of hope.

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Hardcore Dave was the light of hope at the end of the dark tunnel of Giant Bombless despair. 

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How the hell?

Did you have this prepped?
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Someone needs to give Dave a poke so he knows things are running heh

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@FunExplosions said:
" How the hell?

Did you have this prepped?
My powers can not be known.
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When the fuck did Karen get online? I tuned in at the end and I'm like WTF

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@DrDarkStryfe said:
" Someone needs to give Dave a poke so he knows things are running heh "
He knows now.
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Oh man that was a blast in the live chat the last couple of days. Remember everyone, Fire of Chariots. Also a big thank you to the Whiskey Media guys especially Dave for keeping us entertained.

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Whoo, welcome back!

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We're back! Three fucking days.

...Live stuff was a little fun though.

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Thank god. Welcome back Giant Bomb.

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Fucking awesome! Gonna miss Dave's radio show, though.
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@bobafettjm said:
" Oh man that was a blast in the live chat the last couple of days. Remember everyone, Fire of Chariots. "
Fire of Chariots is the new Giant Bomb meme.
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Yay, Giant Bomb is back!

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@Claude said:
" Thank god. Welcome back Giant Bomb. "
this XD
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Dave, thanks for the radio show! You're the BEST!

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oh god. It was terrible. I'm so glad to finally be back.
Hardcore Dave is a hero for uniting all of us during those dark days.

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So Is GiantBomb like Jesus it came back in 3 days

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Props to the Whiskey crew.  Even during the apocalypse, they tried their damndest to keep us occupied.  With amazing success!!

#22 Posted by chibacityblues (52 posts) -

Resistance vs Skynet 2:1

Wintermute is a much cooler AI anyway.
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The MK tournament was awesome

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Welcome Back! and well done Dave great work on the radio show, I've really enjoyed it whilst you were down. All the live stuff was great fun.

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I wan't the InSnider show to be a weekly feature.

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd back to your regularly scheduled Giant Bomb. How are you ladies and gentlemen? But more importantly, what the fuck is this? www.gamebomb.ru 

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Best/worst time in Whiskey Media history. I like Jeff's suggestion of doing on the fly live streams that go for days. Also, Radio Dave needs to return!

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We've weathered the storm. Storm cloud.

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I heard around on a few sites about the PSN outage, does it have anything to do with the servers that made Whiskey Media and those others sites go down?

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Wait? What? You mean I got into my bunker and prepared for the robot apocalypse for nothing?!

What the hell GiantBomb?!
#32 Posted by Potter9156 (944 posts) -

I survived, unscathed. The streams were fun, though.

#33 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -

I'm so happy.

#34 Posted by Portis (1283 posts) -

Never realized how much I used and relied on this site until it was gone.

Much love to one Dave for "88.7: The Dave Snider Radio Show."
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@SpiritGoat: Too bad It all couldn't go down on Easter. 
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There should be a limited edition quest called "Whiskeypocalypse".
I'll miss the GB radio though :(

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Hardcore Dave is our saviour and our hope. All praise him, for he led us through the long night of Amazon's Struggle.

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Yay its back. Now what ?

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I'm actually going to miss the constant Whiskey Media coverage, I loved being able to get on here and just bathe in awesome.

Awesome work Duders!

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I'm gonna give Giantbomb a GIANT hug!

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@DanielJW said:
" Hardcore Dave is no longer a symbol of intimidation, but a beacon of hope. "
So Hardcore Dave is like Han Solo, criminal/rebel turned hero?
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Awesome, it's over

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Good to see GB up and running again. Deve was epic !

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We need to make some shirts saying: I survived the Whiskeyocalipse. 

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I loved the last few days good livestream fun

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Aaaand we're back.

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Man, I was dreading this moment. I've just locked like a milion "the site's up" threads.

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I'd like to give a special thanks to Karen, Dave and Vinny for keeping me, and the rest of the internet, entertained for at least an hour. And a special thank you to Dave for saving us from ourselves for the past few days.

Thanks guys, you're the great.

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Serious props to Snide for keeping us all occupied this week.

Never seen a website cope so well with downtime. Membership on its way!

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Welcome back Giantbomb!