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How to Play: Just tell me what game you want! This contest is first-come, first-served! Everything must go! There won't be any contests for a few months. This contest will return in August at the earliest. I am still running the Afghanistan giveaway, however. EDITED POSTS WILL BE IGNORED.

If you have any NTSC copies of Xbox 360 or PS3 games you no longer play and don't mind parting with, please consider donating them to troops in Afghanistan! You can find all the info here.

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The Giant Bomb Community Game Giveaway #105! Winners
There were 16 winners, a new record! Go here to view them.
New Stuff!
I've received my 99th donation! Thanks to mosdl for donating Steam codes for Choplifter HD, Q.U.B.E., Hacker Evolution Duality and for donating a GamersGate code for Crusader Kings!
I've received my 100th donation! Thanks to kurtkless for donating Steam codes for World of Goo and Toki Tori!
I've received my 101st donation! Thanks to RedHatDrew for donating a Steam code for The Ball!
I've received my 102nd donation! Thanks to FlemmingM for donating a Steam copy of FlatOut!
I've received my 103rd donation! Thanks to Shirogane for donating a Steam copy of Osmos and Steam codes for Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World!
PCDonated By
Braid (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Braid (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Braid (OnLive Code)amazinglover
Breath of Death VII (Steam Code)Shirogane
Choplifter HD (Steam Code)mosdl
Crusader Kings (GamersGate Code)mosdl
Cthulhu Saves the World (Steam Code)Shirogane
Dino D-Day (Steam Code)ikaruga
Dungeons of Dredmor (Desura Code)amazinglover
Eets: Hunger. It's emotional. (Steam Code)ikaruga
FlatOut (Steam Gift)FlemmingM
Hacker Evolution Duality (Steam Code)mosdl
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Desura Code)amazinglover
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (Desura Code)amazinglover
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (Steam Code)omergd1
The Humble Introversion Bundle (Darwinia, DEFCON: Everybody Dies, Uplink: Hacker Elite, Multiwinia) (Desura Code)c0l0nelp0c0rn1
The Humble Introversion Bundle (Desura Code)amazinglover
Osmos (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Osmos (OnLive Code)amazinglover
Osmos (Steam Gift)Shirogane
Portal (Steam Gift)iShayman
Portal (Steam Gift)TMThomsen
Q.U.B.E. (Steam Code)mosdl
Starscape (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Starscape (Steam Gift)Brackynews
The Ball (Steam Code)RedHatDrew
Toki Tori (Steam Code)kurtkless
World of Goo (Steam Code)kurtkless
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The Humble Indie Bundle #3 steam

#3 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3084 posts) -

Indie Bundle 3 (steam)

#4 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

That Hacker thing!

#5 Posted by Subject2Change (2966 posts) -

Q U B E!

#6 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5290 posts) -

I'd like to see what The Ball is all about.

#7 Posted by brodywb (191 posts) -

The Ball

#8 Posted by Phatmac (5726 posts) -

Humble Indie Bundle 3 (steam)

#9 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12008 posts) -

Crusader Kings!

#10 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -


#11 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (104 posts) -

Hacker Evolution

#12 Posted by jking47 (1246 posts) -
#13 Posted by strangone (179 posts) -

Dungeons of Dredmor please.

#14 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6358 posts) -

Flatout, please!

Moderator Online
#15 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

Breath of Death

#16 Edited by louiedog (2335 posts) -

Starscape. Thanks!

edit. You know what? Nevermind. I can't imagine getting around to playing it. I'm sure there's a better home. I have pretty much everything else so it's not like I'm strapped for games.

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I only play quality games. Dino D-Day, please.

#19 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5457 posts) -

Seriously, everything needs to go.

#20 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff said:

Seriously, everything needs to go.

I'll take what's left over, even if I already own it :P.

#21 Posted by DrPixel (8 posts) -

I'd really like Starscape, been interested in it for quite some time now. ^_^

#22 Posted by jadewiz (62 posts) -

I will gladly take Flatout

I think I might be the only one in the world who's played the demo for months straight.

I might be the only one in the world who want's it, for that matter.

#23 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

starcape if you stil have one.

why is everything going?

#24 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

FlatOut plox

#25 Posted by c_rakestraw (854 posts) -

Humble Indie Bundle 2, please.

#26 Posted by FateOfNever (1855 posts) -

Everything I wanted was taken fast :( Oh well.

#27 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5457 posts) -

@iam3green said:

starcape if you stil have one.

why is everything going?

I'm not going to be making any contests for a while and don't want to hold on to anyone's games. Either everything goes or I "return" them to the donor.

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world of goo please

#29 Posted by JCTango (1366 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Steam version of Osmos please! :)

#30 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -

Oh Toki Tori looks like fun can have that one?

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I've been wanting to play C'thulhu Saves the World, so I would love to have that if you have a copy left to spare!

#32 Posted by crusader8463 (14427 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Run out of games and/or get tired of the contest? Or you just clearing out the old stuff to make room for new stuff? I will take Toki Tori or The Ball if ether is available.

#33 Posted by Ketchupp (673 posts) -

Eets or whatevs.

#34 Posted by Ghostiet (5289 posts) -

The Humble Introversion Bundle!

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Portal Please!

#36 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5457 posts) -

@crusader8463: Clearing out all the old games and then taking a break for a few months.

#37 Posted by rb_man (451 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Damn I was the first post and I edited because I forgot to say that I wanted the steam version so I am out right?

#38 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

I'll take the humble introversion bundle.

#39 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5457 posts) -

@rb_man: Yeah, sorry. :( If there were three or more Steam versions I wouldn't mind.

#40 Posted by rb_man (451 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Na it's cool. Keep up the good work duder.

#41 Posted by crusader8463 (14427 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Cool. Well can't wait to see it when it's back. Always enjoyed seeing a new one pop up on the forums. Thanks for all the work.

#42 Posted by Winternet (8036 posts) -

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Is this still going? I'll take World of Goo.

#43 Posted by sionweeks (655 posts) -

Toki Tori (Steam)

#44 Posted by Danteveli (1210 posts) -