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For those that don't know, this is a thread of games or game related stuff you plan on buying, games you have bought, and games you're gonna be keeping your eye on for April '09.

For me this month, I don't know of anything that's gonna be a day one purchase.

So this month I'm just gonna keep my eyes on gaming deals and perhaps go back and buy GTA CTW.

How about you?

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Rodent said:

I don't know of anything that's gonna be a day one purchase.


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You too eh?

Oh well, a slow month or a change will allow me to go back and play a game from my pile of shame.

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I really can't think of anything at the moment.

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Join the party.

Is there anything big coming out in April?

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Godfather II comes to mind for me. Maybe Chronicles of Riddick.

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for me rock band 2 and C+C red alert 3 - europe ps3 releases only just came out 2 days ago

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I'll probably buy the Halo 3 Mythic map pack when it's made available on XBL next week, but other than that I don't think anything noteworthy is coming out this month. Although, with the recent price drop, I might go pick up a new PS2 (my current one is broken) so I can finish/replay some old games.

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nothing good is coming out in April.

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Godfather 2 is basically it.

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I won't be buying anything this month. I still have a ton of unfinished games on my shelf, so I'm going to finish some of those before I start buying others.

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I'm going to pick up the DSi with Professor Layton on Sunday.

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Riddick for sure.  That's probably it unless some great downloadable game pops up.

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I'll use this month to pick older stuff. Like Professor Layton.

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Even thought it has already come out, I'll possibly get Star Ocean 4.

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I just remembered that Steal Princess is coming out. I'll check that one out on day one, so that's a purchase.

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zitosilva said:
"I'll use this month to pick older stuff. Like Professor Layton."

Yeah I still wanna grab that one before it dissappears from stores.
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Outrun Online Arcade. That's about it I'm afraid.

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I don't think I'll buy anything this month, except for Rock Band DLC. Streeeeeeeetlights, Peeeeeeeeeaaaaahpole...

I've been on the fence about Guitar Hero: Metallica. I'm Gameflying it, but I'll probably play it for a while and send it back.

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I've asked for a nice 1080p monitor for my birthday, I need a new pc monitor and it will double as a screen for my 360 when I want to play single player stuff at my desk, I'll use the big TV when I have friends over.

Other than that, I'm thinking about getting Rock Band 2 but those instruments are pretty expensive! They are worth it though I guess.

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I blew tons of money on games in March, plus April (and May for that matter) look pretty blah so probably not.  Maybe Majora's Mask on the VC if it comes to North America this month.