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#1 Edited by AcidBrandon18 (1106 posts) -

I think mine was a Goomba, but it very well could have been a duck from Duck Hunt. What was your first videogame kill/destroy?

#2 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

Why are you creating so many topics?

#3 Posted by believer258 (13034 posts) -

Shooting something in Interstellar Assault.

#4 Posted by FinalDasa (2540 posts) -

More than likely it was that first Goomba in 1-1. Possibly the most abused enemy of all time.

#5 Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1106 posts) -

@Galiant: Because I can/want to?

#6 Posted by AjayRaz (12692 posts) -

myself when i got killed by a goomba

#7 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Shooting motherfucking Tie Fighters.

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#8 Posted by Mento (3278 posts) -

A babysitter, by smashing her over the head with a cart of Atari 2600 copy of Pac-Man repeatedly. I was not satisfied with the game.

#9 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Probably killing something in Kings Quest. Most likely myself.

#10 Posted by falserelic (5723 posts) -

I can't even remember its been so long.

#11 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -

An alien in defender on the Apple II

#12 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Either a goomba or green koopa.

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@falserelic said:

launch tray on guy touching my thigh talking to me like a girl.

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@AcidBrandon18 said:

I think mine was a Goomba, but it very well could have been a duck from Duck Hunt.

Same for me. I'm fairly certain those were the only two NES games my dad owned when I was born.
#15 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

It was most likely the guy that you stab in the first level of Wolf 3D and take his gun.

#16 Posted by falserelic (5723 posts) -

@killacam said:

@falserelic said:

launch tray on guy touching my thigh talking to me like a girl.

This will never end for me.

#17 Posted by mrburger (111 posts) -

Went up one screen in The Legend of Zelda and sliced up my first little batch of Octoroc. [nostalgic sigh]

#18 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

Some nazi in Wolfenstein 3D, I think.

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Probably an octorok or a moblin. Either that or Donkey Kong in his original game.

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#21 Posted by MoonlightMoth (537 posts) -

Assuming you can't "kill" an asteroid, I think it would have been whatever the weakest enemy was in Dark Chambers on the 2600.

#22 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

Probably something in Dune 2. I think that was the first game I played, not really sure.

#23 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

That's a difficult one, but I think it would have to be a Goomba, or maybe a Green-shelled Koopa. It was Super-Mario-World.

#24 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (256 posts) -

Something or somebody in some game.

#25 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

It was a Pidgey in Pokemon Red.

#26 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Wow.. How am I supposed to remember that? Uhh maybe myself. I think I may have commuted suicide.

#27 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3375 posts) -

One of those fucking goombas in Super Mario 64, which my mom referred to as "meatballs."

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#29 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

A Goomba.

#30 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

As far as my memory serves me, Pac Man for the Atari 2600. One of the ghosts.

#31 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Probably a Goomba or Koopa in Super Mario World.

#32 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -

I don't think I can count anything that didn't have to do with someone literally dying by my hands being evidenced by having them bloodied with their lifeless corpse before me...

So it'd have to be Zombieman/Former Human from Doom!

#33 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

It was one of those Piranhas in Sonic on the Master System.

#34 Posted by mrfizzy (1651 posts) -

I think it would have been an enemy in Jazz Jackrabbit.

#35 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

A goomba or a duck.

#36 Posted by Demmetje (224 posts) -

First bad guy in Prince of Persia

#37 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

I'm going to take a guess (which is probably accurate unless I somehow glossed over something from my childhood) and say a bad guy in Sunset Riders.

#38 Posted by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

A cop car in some dukes of hazard game

Yea that's right I started early

#39 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

An fighter plane in the arcade version of 1941. Followed by a whole lot more planes.

#40 Posted by Grimhild (763 posts) -

The first helicopter flying terrorist in Cobra Command, in a huge seated arcade machine at an odd smelling Chucky Cheese during my 4th birthday. I was so tiny that my brother had to use the other flight stick for me since I couldn't reach it.

Then came the 1-1 Goomba.

#41 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5008 posts) -

Stomped the shit out of a goomba.

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#43 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

Must have bin a square in the 2600 days.

#44 Posted by BradBrains (1566 posts) -

i killed my gamegear by throwing it against a wall when I couldn't beat sonic 2 when i was 6.

....yea I was an angry kid.

#45 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

A blue ghost

#46 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

Atari2600 Berzerk

#47 Posted by TheSilentTruth (1270 posts) -

An alien in Galaxian.

#48 Posted by NegativeCero (3099 posts) -

I have no idea, maybe killing a robot animal (technical term?) in Sonic 2.

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This little guy.

#50 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

That first goomba probably.