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It was the Sega genesis for me. Still want to get one just to experience my first games again.

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Super Nintendo! For my money, the SNES still has the best selection of games of any console. I'm still able to go back and find gems I never even knew about back in the day.

And this is the soundtrack to me becoming, totally and irreversibly, a huge nerd:

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I am a gamer, I enjoy a good game, like a good beer. I have played since arcades, When I was Thirteen my Mom bought me an NES for christmas. I had one game for a year. I have never beat Super Mario Brothers. I got a sub to Nintendo Power and I poured over that magazine, kept all my issues. I rented or borrowed from friends, I have never beat Mike. Nintendo was a really important part of my teens, when no one cared, I had a game, I could retreat inside my head and shut off the world. With a game I could do impossible things, Nintendo was all I had. The only one who Cared was Mario. I have never beat Mega Man.

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@bigjeffrey said:

The Original Xbox, got me into DEEP gaming. Halo CE and Halo 2 for Hours on End.

Perfect Dark on N64 was also in there.

Me too. I was all over Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon, Midtown Madness, PGR2 and Halo 2.

The best line up of multiplayer on one console EVER. I miss that games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon no longer really exist, them games used to be hardcore as hell for a console's multiplayer. Especially Ghost Recon, now both of them have changed too radically and not for the better.

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For me gaming and reading about gaming came at the same time. The N64 was my first console and I instantly started reading Nintendo Power, Nintendo Official Magazine (this was my favorite, even if they threw around a lot of UK slang and everything was listed in pounds), and EGM. Websites like Gamespot came soon after that. I was a voracious reader as a child.

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The Atari Susan and the Sega Gypsycurse. Professor Caresser is the game that really got me sweating, and the later Pastry Sisters games.

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Also, this:

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i had an Atari (i think it was a 2600) when I was very young. but I didnt really get into games until I got a SEGA SC-3000.

A SEGA made entry level computer

Which to this day no-one else apart me ever seems to have actually owned. It had some games I cant remember the names of, there was some kind of tank game that looked like ASCII and a space exploration game, I would play them for hours,

Then about two or three years later when I was about 7 or 8 I got a C64 and started to spend a lot of time at arcades. It was around this point I started devoting significant time to games and game "stuff" like magazines.

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@craigieh28: Aww, man that Tomy 3D tank game. I totally remember playing that game and being so jealous of the friend who owned it.

My friends at the time would get just about every electronic game out there and we'd lend them to each other to play. Plus we would go to the (subterranean) electronic games department at Hamley's toy store every week to play all the new stuff. That place was every bit as noisy and full to bursting with all manner of humanity as any arcade.

My favourite electronic game ever, though, was...

...with its Moon Cresta-like fanfare and docking bonus game. The hours I spent with that thing!

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Uh..... Pong System? It is the first console I ever actually owned or played anyway.

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The PC

Started playing games on it in 1994 and never looked back.

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The SNES really got me hooked. I got one when they first came out and played lots of Mario but that was really the only game I had for a probably a few years then I started hitting up the bargin bins at walmart and played through TONS of games.

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Atari 800 'PC'. Even started to learn BASIC on it.

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For me, I guess it was both the GameCube and the PS2.

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The NES. I had the Atari 2600 but really became into games with Super Mario Bros and the like.

I used to love Transformers and G.I. Joe but after the NES, never wanted anything other than games for presents. Can't really remember what I used to do with my action figures.