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So I've been hearing alot that your first JRPG experience is often your favourite and that JRPG's progressively get more tiresome the more you play of them.

I found this interesting as my first JRPG was FF XIII and I loved it! (interesting because most people hate XIII, perhaps because those that played it play alot of JRPG's?)

Since then I've played XIII-2 and Nier and still believe XIII to be the best (although I haven't yet completed the 2nd ending of Nier)

So what do you think, What was your first JRPG and was it your favourite?

#2 Posted by Turambar (6925 posts) -

Hmm...probably Secret of Mana.

#3 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1212 posts) -

I think it was Dragon Warrior

#4 Posted by TwoLines (2862 posts) -

Never had a SNES, so my first exposure to JRPGs was with FFVII. Man, that game kicked so much ass.

#5 Posted by wemibelec90 (1887 posts) -

That I played to completion? Probably FFVII. I rented most of SNES games and would never had had time to finish a JRPG there.

#6 Posted by mosespippy (4594 posts) -

My first JRPG was FFVII which my uncle found at the dump in 2005. It is not my favourite JRPG or even my favourite Final Fantasy game. FFXII, Dark Souls, Valkyria Chronicles and Persona 3 & 4 are JRPGs that I think are better than FFVII.

#7 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4713 posts) -

Pokemon Blue. I played the bejezzus out of that game.

#8 Posted by SuperWristBands (2266 posts) -

FFVII. I hold no nostalgia for it.

#9 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

Probably Final Fantasy VI. I'd played a few before that, but it was the first one I really got into.

#10 Posted by JBG4 (530 posts) -

FFII was my first experience with a JRPG, I went on to love the FF series still to this day. My favorite being FFVII.

#11 Posted by FateOfNever (1855 posts) -

Probably Final Fantasy. Also, I hated that game.

After that.. maybe the Breath of Fire series? Which I love.

Maybe Zelda 2 if you count that game. It's sort of like a JRPG.

Any of the RPGs I love beyond those from around that time I probably played after any of those, so, there ya go.

Also, still not a huge fan of Final Fantasy (though they got better after the first. and then got worse. and then got a bit better. and then got worse.)

I really enjoy every BoF game still (except that I recognize now how much of a pain in the ass the first one is about halfway through it.)

But neither of them are my favorite JRPG. Though the BoF series probably has more games in my top list of "favorite JRPGs" than any other single series.

#12 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (395 posts) -

I'm pretty sure Digimon World 3 hardly counts as a game of any kind so much as a machine for pigs...haha inside references to a game that no one else played...

#13 Edited by _k1_ (199 posts) -

Either Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy. I played through FF many times with different parties, but I don't really feel the need to play any of the remakes of it.

#14 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

Pokemon Red must have been the first.

#15 Posted by white_sox (214 posts) -

I think FF IX. My brother bought the game for his birthday, and I remember spending more time with it than he did. I never did finish it, and neither of us have the original game.

I would love to go back and play it some day.

#16 Posted by DonutFever (3556 posts) -

If Pokemon counts, then Red. 
If not, Persona 3.

#17 Posted by huser (1119 posts) -

Final Fantasy. The original.

#18 Posted by huser (1119 posts) -

@_k1_ said:

Either Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy. I played through FF many times with different parties, but I don't really feel the need to play any of the remakes of it.

My parties got out there, especially with the near useless Thief class in the original.

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#20 Posted by myketuna (1771 posts) -

Either Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy VI/III on the SNES if we're talking traditional, fantasy setting JRPGs.

Otherwise, it was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Which I still think is way up there with the best of them, but I don't know if that's a JRPG. I'm not a die hard fan of the genre, so I don't know if it's included with others or if it's a quirky spin-off thing.

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I remember I went to a friend's house and played Secret of Mana on SNES. That game was so fucking good and still is. I followed Legend of Mana until it came out almost every day.

#22 Posted by Vigil (231 posts) -

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Pokemon Blue. I played the bejezzus out of that game.


#23 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19399 posts) -

Golden Sun. Didn't know what I was playing was a "JRPG" at the time.

#24 Posted by killacam (1280 posts) -

dragon warrior. i was but a child, alone with a nes. i had no idea what to do so i just wandered around fighting blobs, often straying too far and ending up against some epic creature that i could only hope to take on someday.

or was it ultima... V? that must've come soon after. same deal, less blobs.

#25 Edited by JackSukeru (5995 posts) -

If you're not counting Pokemon then probably Final Fantasy 9. In retrospect it feels kinda weird that I hadn't encountered a game of that type before that. I like the world and characters in 9 and it's one of the few FF games I'¨ve finished but I wouldn't want to replay it today, not without updated graphics and gameplay or something, and even then I'm not sure.

I also played Golden Sun pretty early.

#26 Posted by SaFt (393 posts) -

I believe it was Wild Arms for the Playstation.

#27 Posted by DukesT3 (1952 posts) -

FF7. Literally had no idea what it was at all during that time. Just fell in love with the commercials cause I was like 11 or 12 so I had zero idea how to play the game and immediately hated it. Ha, I can hear myself yelling at the screen why the characters are just standing there as they get hit. Oooohh good times.

#28 Posted by Slurpelve (621 posts) -

Secret of Mana, Pokemon Red, and Earthbound!

#29 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (542 posts) -

Secret of Mana. Never beat it until a few years ago though. Great game.

#30 Edited by MetalBaofu (1451 posts) -

I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking maybe Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I may have played some on the NES, but I can't remember any JRPG's for the NES, so I have no idea.

#31 Posted by Giff (43 posts) -

My first JRPG was Pokemon blue, I enjoyed it but Final Fantasy X would be my favorite JRPG which also happens to be my favorite game.

I'll say this generation had a good streak of RPG's. Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles, Xenoblade where all enjoyable, and I'm still looking forward to Last Story and that Studio Ghibli production.

#32 Posted by mscupcakes (612 posts) -

Pokémon Blue and Red simultaneously. Started a bad habit of buying both iterations of Pokémon games when they were released for years to come.

#33 Posted by pyromagnestir (4344 posts) -

@Turambar said:

Hmm...probably Secret of Mana.

And it was awesome. Me and my brothers played through a good chunk of it, until I unintentionally saved over my big brother's furthest save while he was gone for a few days. He told me which one not to save over, and of course I forgot and chose poorly. He never played it again. I don't think he ever played anything ever again.

As it says in my about me section : If anyone in the northern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire area wants to hang out and play some Secret of Mana with a random stranger, let me be that random stranger! Please don't rape, rob, or murder me, though. At least not till after we play Secret of Mana!

#34 Posted by NegativeCero (3052 posts) -

Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy. If you mean consoles, it would be Final Fantasy X. I have nostalgia for both and loved them, but I wouldn't say they're my favorite though.

#35 Posted by HarlequinRiot (1098 posts) -

I guess Dragon Warrior on the NES. Wasn't a huge fan as a kid, since it wasn't the easiest game in the world. Haven't really grown to like RPGs either, so I guess that could be part of it.

#36 Posted by ProfessorK (837 posts) -

FF Mystic Quest. Gave me a bad first impression so I never finished it.

#37 Posted by Wakka (81 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII. I think I was ten at the time. I remember randomly picking it out at a Wal-Mart (I had never heard of the game before); so I guess something on the back of the box got my attention. Whatever the case, RPGs became my genre of choice after that. I regard it as a good day in the history of my life. =D

#38 Posted by DryvBy (236 posts) -

If I remember right, it was either Breath of Fire or Chrono Trigger. I really got into them after Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy VII.

#39 Posted by cmblasko (1385 posts) -

Final Fantasy on NES, man did I enjoy playing that game. Opened the door to a bunch of classics for me.

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#41 Posted by Daroki (720 posts) -

I remember seeing Final Fantasy when Nintendo was doing that world championship tour and being on pins and needles until I could get my hands on it. My cousin and I marathoned that game for a weekend and just plowed through it like madmen.

#42 Posted by AlexW00d (6503 posts) -

Pokémon I guess?

#43 Edited by believer258 (12326 posts) -

Technically, Mega Man X Command Mission. But thus far I'm liking Chrono Trigger a hell of a lot more.

EDIT: Should be noted that I only got about five or six hours into Command Mission. It should also be noted that I did play a few Pokemon games before then.

#44 Posted by FireBurger (1480 posts) -

Eternal Sonata, the one and only. Really liked it.

#45 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

My first jrpg was Breath of Fire, but the first one I played to completion was Dragon Quest 8. And yes, it was awesome (not my favorite, but close)

#46 Posted by Blackout62 (1442 posts) -

Dark Cloud 2? Well whatever it was I didn't enjoy it that much I remember.

#47 Posted by TooWalrus (13259 posts) -

Super Mario RPG, if that counts.

#48 Posted by WarlordPayne (707 posts) -

Dragon Warrior

#49 Posted by TheSilentTruth (1169 posts) -

Pokemon Blue.

#50 Posted by FilipHolm (669 posts) -

Pokemon Red or Final Fantasy VII, so pretty much what everyone else said