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I'd like to thank Skrattybones for showing me the greatness that is obamicon.me! You too can become America's next great hope!

Here are a few of my campaign posters:

And one of me, for shit's 'n giggles......

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Change we can believe in!

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My name is Rowr and i endorse this message.


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This is cool!

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May the best man win.

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Obama and GB has got change? Change? Change? Spare some change?

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Sweep needs to at least lower hamburger prices.

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Love the first one man. That's awesome, that should go up as the icon in the corner of the forums on Inauguration day.

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Haha fantastic.

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Hahaha nice!!

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Nice stuff, very nice!

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Here are a couple of funny ones:]

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Ku-...Rowr has my vote.

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Red said:
"Sweep needs to at least lower hamburger prices."
Dood, it ain't cheap to have some Sweep inside you.
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Awesome. Might as well check it out myself:

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Beer votes for Beer . No wait ... I vote for Beer !

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It's rather unfortunate that I cannot get a poster to actually look decent of this, so I'll just present it for what it is:

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