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@beej:  I've been putting my sadness into song. In hopes of one day out rapping Ted. In all seriousness: I've been trying to fix my button maker so that I can have a membership button that isn't of crap quality. 
I am lame.
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I'm wearing mine right now! I'll post a picture later on, when I find my camera.

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Just got it today (outside Philly).  A bit tight...like my women. (wow, my webcam SUUUUCKS)

 Goes down smoooth
and just for giggles: 
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@AlwaysBeClothing said:
" I'm kind of afraid to wear it since I don't want the awesome decals to be ruined. 
I'm afraid I will not be wearing mine with the exception of doing so for a picture on this thread.  It will go into my collection of shirts that rock.  Indiana here by the way, and I haven't received mine yet; I signed up right when the subs became available. 
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@skrutop: HA I have that same Lincoln shirt off of WOOT!
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nothing in swedenland yet. 
hoping for this week though

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wish i had a tracking number lol

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@skrutop: I like how you've coordinated your Whiskey shirt with your cap. Tres chic.
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And HOLY FUCKING SHIT is this shirt soft.
#160 Posted by beej (1674 posts) -

FUUUCK YES! Shirt showed up today, I'll post shitty camera phone pictures as soon as dropbox stops sucking.

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Since I officially can't post anything on the normal version of the site anywhere with any browser, my shirt pics are in my profile.

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@DrPockets000:  no kidding, right?  I was like "this is some quality cotton right here."  

@buzz_clik said:

" @skrutop: I like how you've coordinated your Whiskey shirt with your cap. Tres chic. "

I also coordinated my drink with the Whiskey shirt :P
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Nothing is more authentic than a Whiskey Media shirt in sepia 
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@smcn: Dude! Shirt Ninja! Sweet.
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just got my tshirt today, it fits great, feels really soft too which is always good with t's
#167 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

I'll show you my shirt on saturday or maybe friday.

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@Bloviator: Hi other Indiana person. 
@beej: /angrily shakes fist    
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I'm not a paid member yet, so I didn't get the Whiskey Media shirt. However, today I got a Whiskey Media shirt.

 As seen on The Big Live Live Show.

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@Sparklykiss:  sorry! If only you could have gotten yours today as well, like other people are saying this bad boy is soooft.
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 The only thing missing is pizza scissors
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My shirt came today. I can not wait to show it off at work tomorrow. Even though only one other guys even knows what Whiskey Media is.

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Finally arrived, along with my overdue copy of Last Window!

#174 Posted by fulcilivez (84 posts) -

Look at what i got.

#175 Posted by Pocky4Th3Win (139 posts) -

Interesting thing happened for me. I got my shirt but my gf didnt get hers yet.

#176 Posted by mostman (252 posts) -

Got mine.  I should have gotten a bigger size - seems they run a tad small.  No worries - I just won't wash it :)

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I have yet to get my shirt, and now I am just getting sad. I'm on the east coast, so if you have my shirt delivery person, please give it to me.

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I'm not a paid member yet, so I didn't get the Whiskey Media shirt. However, today I got a Whiskey Media shirt.

 As seen on The Big Live Live Show.

How'd you get that?
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Holy shit, I can post on the normal site again! Wonder how long it'll last this time.    

 Who has an index finger and is super excited about his new shirt?

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Aw hellz yeah.

#181 Posted by kahi (116 posts) -

Myspace style bathroom picture time
I really need to get my hair trimmed ... was sporting a fauxhawk for a while and decided to let the fro grow back out so it's uneven ... I also need to shave my face

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@Dany: Won it in a contest over at Tested.
#183 Posted by BRNK (307 posts) -

My Whiskey T and I get artsy in the art studio. 

#184 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3683 posts) -
@daniel: Cant really see the shirt to distracted.
#185 Posted by Daniel (1523 posts) -
@Hockeymask27: Ha, honestly didn't realize the calendar was in the shot at first.
#186 Posted by Artemis_D (817 posts) -

I can't wait to get mine.  SO putting up a picture.

#187 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

#188 Posted by FancyMonkey (21 posts) -

I kinda want my shirt now....

#189 Posted by TheMartino (136 posts) -

Oh man I hope my shirt came in. I will so put my picture in this thread.

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Every time I see the title of this thread... I expect the title to end differently...

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how bout a free t-shirt that says cheapo on it or something for the people that didnt pay?

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Dammit, looking at all these mirror shots makes me feel like I should have designed it with the roller coaster facing the other way...

#194 Posted by LibraryDues (335 posts) -

Founding member!
#195 Posted by Scrawnto (2467 posts) -

No mirror shot here!
#196 Posted by Jayross (2365 posts) -

I don't like to brag... but my picture is pretty sweet... 

#197 Posted by Tearhead (2218 posts) -
@Jayross: You're correct, that picture is pretty sweet. You have earned the right to brag.
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 Someone holding my t-shirt
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Wabam, there it is!