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(Ninja) + (Nickname)... Yep, that's it.

#102 Posted by Duder_Me (321 posts) -

Giant Bomb calls each member "duder." I am a duder. Duder_Me.

#103 Posted by Rokkaku (250 posts) -

The police from Jet Set Radio Future!

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I teh destroy shit, duh.

#106 Posted by Pie (7274 posts) -

Pie was available and I'm not very creative

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I like Retro Games, I like bows....Done.

#108 Posted by Poppduder (486 posts) -

This is all really interesting stuff. Mine isn't, however. Just my last name with duder attatched. One of my favourite things when Dave started showing up on the site more is that he called people "duder" which was something my friends and I did all the time. It was kind of endearing me to the site more.

#109 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (847 posts) -

It's a quote from Frisky Dingo, which, as you know, was the best [adult swim] show ever. The character Sinn is referred to as "the perfidious Sinn" a few times and I like the way it sounds.

#110 Posted by Stonyman65 (3318 posts) -

I took the name from a spin-off series based on Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan/The Executioner books. I thought the name Stony Man was cool, and those are some of my favorite campy action-adventure books. Apparently the name also is the name of a mountain range somewhere in Virginia which is pretty beautiful. The 65 is just two random numbers I hit when I needed a longer character limit for the name to be used for probably a game or an email address or something way back when. I've been using the name for like 8 years now.


#111 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -
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#112 Posted by Genkkaku (756 posts) -

From Suikoden II, the main characters Grandpa is name Genkaku and I really dug that name.. Even though I spelt it wrong the first time, I just ran with the misspelling..

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Tenacious D Master Exploder

Master Exploder



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I aspire to have an attitude like Geralt's.

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My first name is 'Jason', my last name starts with an 'R', and I was born in 1986.

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It's dumb and it has my name in it

#117 Posted by zombiesatemycereal (435 posts) -

I was really into Zombies Ate My Neighbors and changed it to cereal for some reason.

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i really liked Perfect Dark for N64 and when you create a profile in the game you can name it (something) Dark. I just switched that around and my first name is John. done.

recently, i changed it on xbox live to johnny5x47. which, again, first name-ish/Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, and 47 was from Hitman, which i really liked at the time of naming my accounts. done done.

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Randomly typed into the FFXI character creator, used if for a few thing while using my mains name Poturta all over the place, started playing WoW with Poturta as my main, get to 60 not much to do not in a guild make a Shaman with the name Gilsham play that to 60 PVP a while bunch, get in a guild and do MC/BWL. BC hits play the living shit out of Gilsham who is now my main, do everything apart from sunwell with him, know as Gilsham by pretty much everyone I know online start using it for most things. I like to give my names a kinda personality so Poturta is whenever possible the tallest most heavy set body type (he is a Galka MNK in FFXI - though when I started WoW Tauren couldn't be hunters so he was a troll)

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My name is Claude.

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Because Manchester United is the best team ever

actually, even I'll admit that Barcelona is probably the best team ever, great academy, great management, etc. But my favorite team will always be United.

#122 Posted by NegativeCero (3118 posts) -

I am terrible at making up names. I made this one and it's never taken, so I stuck with it.

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A mash up of two bands.....Guided By Voices and Romance of Young Tigers

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#125 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1289 posts) -

My user name comes from the main character of the first big writing project I started in high school. I'll eventually finish writing that novel... eventually.

#126 Posted by Bane122 (956 posts) -

My real name is Bane. The 122 comes from my first email address in back in 1996 and it's just stuck as a variant if a name I want for something is taken.

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I was trying to think of a new username and thought how having numbers in names is dumb - but then I was like what if the whole username was a number? I have not really seen that before.

It was originally 11th but I ended up with 49th eventually. The nice thing is that I have infinite variations if the name is taken for some reason. I've used 12, 47, 48, 50, and 51 before. Cool numbers.

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I really like the name Cyrus (first heard it from Chrono Trigger, plus I liked him in the game) and I liked Saren from Mass Effect. Boom.

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I had a thought one time about a what-if scenario that replaced all the wookies with Domos and that Chewbacca was actually Gruebacca. My username rhymes with Chewbacca, and Domo is the Internet's visual representation for grues, for some reason, and thus an ingeniously dumb name was born.

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I'm a Dinobot

#131 Posted by ripelivejam (8018 posts) -

not the only forum i browse :w

that is all

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I wish i knew, all i recall is it originated on Warcraft III when i was like 11 or 12. Also it's not everyone who gets a Urban Dictionary definition created after their username... i really pissed some guy off on battle.net when i was in my pre-teen years and this was his retaliation.

#133 Posted by metalsnakezero (2667 posts) -

Metal - Being fan of the metal gear series

Snake - Chinese Zodiac (Turns out I was a Dragon :P)

Zero - Favorite character the Megaman (Rockman) series

Had the Username back from the early Gamespot days.

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The origin of my username is me being very unimaginative.

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I think it came from Halo or something.

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I had a character in an online RPG once that was named Payne, and he achieved the rank of Warlord. When I made a forum account for that game I used WarlordPayne since it seemed appropriate, and I kept using it just so I didn't have to remember lots of different usernames.

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Ironically enough Shadowrun, although discovering the Greek mythology angle didn't hurt. As for the number it's from Hitchhiker's Guide, which I have actually never read.

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arx -cis f. [fortress , citadel, stronghold, height]; fig., [bulwark, protection, headquarters].

Whenever I need a character name, I jam words relevant to the type of character I'll be playing into an online English -> Latin translation website and pick names based on that (often modified). I ended up with Arx after making a sword&board character in some game. 724 is my favorite number and it helps prevent duplicate names.

#141 Posted by probablytuna (4474 posts) -

Someone once asked me what my least favourite food is and my name was my answer. At least, that's how I remembered it.

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It's my first name. Funny how that works.

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I was 12 and I though Genghis Khan was really cool, so gkhan it is, and now I'm stuck with it. It's usually taken, so on other services I use some variation of "Belisarius", because at one point I was obsessed with the Byzantine empire, and there was a 6th century Byzantine general named Flavius Belisarius. He was a fascinating character and totally brilliant, one of the perhaps five greatest military leaders of all time. If you look at this map, he basically conquered all of the orange parts, including taking back Italy and Rome from the barbaric hordes and returning it to the Roman Empire.

I wish I had known about him when I was 12...

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Years ago I had to make an account for a website and never put too much thought into it. I remember first going with something monkey related but it was taken so I swiched to this. Guess i'm Freeza and monkeys remind me of saiyans.

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#146 Posted by Hunter5024 (6596 posts) -

On my journey into a forgotten city, in the deepest darkest corner of these forbidden ruins I found the skeleton of a man. In his final moments he scrawled Hunter5024 into the wall with a rock. At that moment, staring into the skull of this long dead man, I knew what was to come.

#147 Posted by paulwade1984 (493 posts) -

My mother gave it to me. I accidentally used it when I signed up. I should probably change it.

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I really liked the song Juke Box Hero when I was playing the flute, and I thought FluteBoxHero would be a great screen name. Then playing the flute was no longer important to me, but my name is and I'm no hero, so JukeBoxJosh originated.

#149 Posted by Sanity (2119 posts) -

Mine i just use on everything because thats what i have always used, the meaning of it is my name is Dustin, but usually duddy was always taken so i shortened it and added a dumb number. Should really start using a new one but i'v used it for over a decade... its hard to let go of.

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I enjoy anime and Cowboy Bebop is not just my favorite anime, but one of my favorite TV shows. The episode Pierrot Le Fou is my favorite and during the episode they call the villain Mad Pierrot and I just thought that sounded kinda cool.