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Online? TV News? Radio?
If so, what channel, site or station?

For me its usually CNN Headline news and CNN.com

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Yahoo when I check my email.  If its something really big I reckon I'll hear it here first.

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World News: CNN
Gaming News: Kotaku

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I check out CNN in the morning.

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I don't care for real world news.

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Djrocks said:
"World News: CNN
Gaming News: Kotaku
Oh yeah, I use Kotaku too for gaming news.
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I watch news on youtube from time to time.

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Most of the stupid news that I get comes from Yahoo's front page, which is my home page. Most political news comes from CNN/CNN.com. All of my game news comes from Kotaku.

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I usually get all my news from the paper

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Sodam_Insane said:
"I usually get all my news from the paper
forgot about that lol, i use that for my local news
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Online, newpaper, tv and word of mouth...

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World News?  Morning Radio while I'm at work

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World News, New York Times, CNN, NBC Nightly News.
Gaming News, Kotaku

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websites... that's it.

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Yahoo and msn

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Real news: CNN

Gaming news: Kotaku
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Djrocks said:
"World News: CNN
Gaming News: Kotaku
Good man.
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Usually the only things I hear about are what people tell me. Occasionally I'll watch CNN or go to the website though.

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I used to get it from OT on Gamespot.....
I'm not making this up!

If OT lets me down I use cnn.com

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Digg baby, digg all the way. For gaming first place I usually go is Kotaku, but once Giantbomb starts to post more news (i know you dudes probably bizzy at the moment) then Ill probably switch but ill still visit kotaku.

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SaintLeonidas said:

For me its usually CNN Headline news and CNN.com
Same goes for me
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Google News, that way I know it's not all skewed one way.

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The local news, the newspaper, and CBC the national.

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Gaming news: A whole bunch of blogging feeds in Google Reader
Other news: Don't care.

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i try to stay away from tv news, thats what the internet is for. nytimes.com for world news. kotaku or g4's feed for gaming news.

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I get it from CNN, Headline News, Fox News, NBC, etc.  Wherever I can for the most part.  I even used to work for a major American news organization.  -_0

It's important that people don't rely too heavily on one station for information whether it be CNN, Fox News, or PBS.  Get a sample of each if possible.  Trust me on this:  journalists are biased despite what they might claim.

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CNN on TV or Online.

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CNN's website.

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MOEsaintCOOL said:
DIGG doesn't seem very quick on the news aspect though. They are good for trivial stuff or quirky stuff or funny stuff or stuffy stuff but not really up to the minute news updates...
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I'm old school. Newspaper

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CNN, and the local newspaper. 

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Generally Drudge Report for world news, Engadget for all of my tech news, and Kotaku or Joystiq for the latest gaming news.

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  • Gaming News - Kotaku
  • Tech News - Gizmodo
  • National/World News - theage.com.au
  • World News - Time Magazine Online
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I don't care about what's going on in the real-world, and I cant' stand the media's BS and the way they over-exaggerate EVERYTHING.  Everytime you turn the news on it's like OMFG FAMILY OF 8 SLAUGHTERED, GAS PRICES GOING UP, IRAQ GOING TO NUKE NORTH AMERICA, BLAH BLAH BLAH, and then some random thing at the end like "Kid makes a snowman out of bread".  It is so god damn stupid, I haven't watched or read the news in years.

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I get my news on giantbomb

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 I find it more entertaining than real news.
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Gaming: Giant Bomb.
Other: Swedish news papers.

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Other news: Cnn or local news 
Gaming news: Kotaku, ign, or giant bomb. 

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Here and Kotaku for gaming news and near everything else digg

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This crazy archaic invention called a newspaper. Pretty dope.