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Personally, I've been trying to think of what great game developer would or could go into the 007 franchise. I was just watching some Blood Stone game play and I was thinking how I do really enjoy the FPS Bond games, some more than others, but enjoy all the same, and I was just thinking how great it would be to give fans of Bond and gamers alike a really high quality third person shooter James Bond experience. At first I was thinking maybe Naughty Dog, but now I'm thinking Rocksteady could do a great job as well. I guess I asked the wrong question. I'm really just thinking about a high quality James Bond experience made by a well known and trusted game developer, not necessarily what franchise would you like Rocksteady to do next. I've always felt that James Bond had a lot of potential to be more than it already is, and I think some aspects of it really do shine light on the best parts of it, but never really emphasize on them. Anyways, what do you think?

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Rocksteady is known for getting the feel of a licensed franchise right so I think they could handle 007 just fine. As for a high quality James Bond experience there's a game that's out already albeit a little old that is 007: Everything or Nothing.

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Punching Guys: The Game.

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I'm actually ok with more Batmans. More Batmans sounds fine to me.

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I'd love it if they were given the Tenchu license. I loved the original 2.

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I think they could make a pretty good Blade Runner game.

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Final Fight.

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What and give up all those Bat-Bucks? Man you crazy!

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I'd be a little worried about them taking anything to be honest. The two Batman games really were the only games they've made that I've liked. I guess I don't have a lot of confidence in them making a non-Batman game. That said, because I have such low expectations they could almost take any license or franchise and I'd be ok with it as long as I don't have a close tie to it (so I would be worried if they made a Metroid game for example but wouldn't care if they made a James Bond game).

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I think they're done with Batman, what else is there to really explore there? I'd much rather see them move onto something else now, rather than remain a one trick pony..

And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, dammit. Before Bay completely ruins the franchise.

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A dark, serious, epic Dragon Ball Z game.


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Green Lantern, superman, static shock more super hero games...

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Metal Gear.

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I'm fine with Batmen.

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I'd love for them to make a Ninja Turtle game. I think that'd be a lot of fun.

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I think a third Batman game would turn me off unless they do something different with the license. I don't want a "bigger and better" Batman if it's going to turn out like Uncharted 3 did, or most third games do.

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Anything but more superheroes. I'm so sick of them. They're worse than zombies.

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They are going to be stuck making Batman games until people stop buying them in big numbers.

Also, if they do get to pick another licence then it will be one Warner owns. No point splitting the pot with the people who own the 007 licence.

Personally I think they could still do something interesting with batman. Next gen system true open world game maybe - not fake open world like AC.

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Although it's not answering your real question (rather the one in the topic), I'd love to see someone make an actually good Iron Man game. It might not exactly be their forte though, but considering what they managed to come up with as mechanics for Batman they might have some interesting spins on Iron Man other than just making a flying man that shoots a lot.

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Rocksteady needs to go for a Ninja-themed game. Essentially a reskin of Arkham City, just with swords and throwing stars and other ninja gadgets, ninpo magic.

The Question? What could make their Batman game template even more enjoyable for me? The Answer! Dismemberment Blood 'n' Guts - Ninja-style!

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Spider-Man cause his games have sucked this entire gen.

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@jjor64 said:

Final Fight.

I just want anyone to get that franchise at this point.

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I loved Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Let them make something original.

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@mikkaq said:

Anything but more superheroes. I'm so sick of them. They're worse than zombies.

A super hero zombie game.

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@benspyda said:
@mikkaq said:

Anything but more superheroes. I'm so sick of them. They're worse than zombies.

A super hero zombie game.

Alright, now I'm interested...

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Star Wars

007 like the OP said

Bourne Identity?

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New 52 Aquaman

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The Phantom? Or The Spirit? I would love to see someone do a good Golden Age video game, with a cool 40s aesthetic.

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Legend of Zelda

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A Bebop and Rocksteady game.

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Spider-Ham, the most woefully underrepresented superhero in games.

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Well with the access they have to the DC license I would love to see if they could make a Superman game that actually made you feel like the man of steel. Or for none DC I would love to see if they could make an Inception game as Nolan has said he would be interested in continuing the story through games.

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Actually I want Urban Chaos : Riot Response 2 bashing people in the head with a riot shield and tase the crap out of them with my super long reach taser was awesome.

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@angeln7 said:

Actually I want Urban Chaos : Riot Response 2 bashing people in the head with a riot shield and tase the crap out of them with my super long reach taser was awesome.

that game was fucking awesome

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In a truely ideal world Rocksteady would be making a Zelda game. If you think about it the Arkham games are basically Zelda games, with dungeons and a slow progression through an ever expanding pool of gadgets. Given how they handled Batman I would like to see their take on the Zelda universe.

Otherwise I would like to see them given reign to produce a game with completely new gameplay and universe, rather than a reskinned Batman game, like that's going to happen though.

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Their own

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Any fans of the 80's show will get the pun on this one.

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They've proven that they can make some great games; why not let them do something original if they want?

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I think they should make an original IP and see if they are actually worth their meddle rather than hiding behind Batman.

I mean, let's be honest: the game they made before Batman was Urban Chaos, and I remember that game being rather mediocre and divisive.

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Anything but superman. Please, please let it not be superman