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Is raising the son of the man you murdered responsible? 1

  If you follow your magical map across the Everglazed forest, over the strawberry hill and into the mystical cave, you’ll find the dangerous sugar-breathing dragon. Once you slay the dragon using the legendary Sword of Caramelot, you’ll have claimed the right to gasp at a treasure chest containing one of gaming’s more obscure sub-genres, the niche of niches, the SNK fighting game. A small but dedicated group of people (gnomes maybe?) consider the SNK fighting game their prized treasure. So muc...

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His name is Butt 1

This is one of the funnest 2D fighting games i've played in quite some time. really fun cast of characters and great animations. contains a story mode, survival mode, practice mode, versus mode, and xbox live mode. lots of people are currently playing online, and their all at a decent skill level. This is definitely woth 800 points. ...

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