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Gomar and Shioh belong to the Furikake people - the original inhabitants of planet Huckmine. The Furikake people have an odd custom, they are paired up with another one of their breed and do everything together. Gomar is an very good decision maker and his intelligence is superb, although he is very short. Shioh, on the other hand is tall but doeesn´t have Gomar´s intellect. Combining their strenghts they mange to be very competitive in their ship built for two. Gomar and Shioh will soon get married, therefore they will changed partners permanently; this has given crediility to rumors that they are racing their last F-Zero GP together.


The Twin Noritta is the only ship adapted for two people in the entire GP. It doesn´t have a very good grip, yet it´s steering response is excellent, which makes it a smart choise for drift drivers and for tracks with a lot of turns. The acceleration and boost strength is superb as well, yet it also has to be noted that the body is nimble and therefore magaing energy correctly is the key to the win.

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