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Cum On Feel The Noize.... 0

 Guitar Hero is one of those games that almost everyone in the world plays, from the hardcore to the casual to the multi-player enthusiasts. Generation X, Y, and Z, more or less, enjoy rock and roll, from the hard hitting heavy metal, to the soft core light acoustic. Even the biggest fans of Hip Hop and Rap enjoy an occasional rock song once and a while. For years, only a select few could play a guitar, let alone learn how to. Now, with Guitar Hero 2 on it's first foray into the current gen...

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GH2 on the PS2 is an all around great game. 0

Title says it all. GH2 on the PS2 is an all around great game. Good graphics for the PS2, and great songs. I haven't played the 360 version, so I can't do any comparisons, but from what I've played of it, the PS2 version is spectacular. While most of the songs are heavy metal, Activision tries their best to avoid Cookie Monster Rock. The game also does a good job avoiding to many heavy metal songs. Overall, for all PS2 owners, this is a must buy!...

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Pretty damn good, with minor downsides 0

Guitar Hero Two is easily better than three to me. Three is all flahs and no subssentce. I knwo all the songs in this game which makes it even better. And its not as hard which means I can beat it easier. See? Three doesnt match up to the easyness of Two. I like easy games which helps push this to the top of the Guitar Hero Todum Pole and my collection. its not the best in my collection yet it is near the top. Its nothing COmpared To Brawl or various others. Its just good. But it has to be somew...

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Guitar hero 2 for the next generation. 0

The idea behind GH 2 for the 360 was to bring this famous franchise to the next gen system, is it any good? Oh yeah. The formula is simple, take a fake plastic guitar with 5 colored buttons and a strum bar and LET THERE BE ROCK! I myself own and have played both versions of this game and I have to say this is the best version you can get, hands down. The 360 version includes, 10 new songs, upgraded graphics and a sweet new explorer guitar. My only complaint with this sequel is some poor song cho...

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Guitar Hero 2 is a great rythem that offers hours of fun 0

Before buying the xbox360 version of this game, i had previously played the ps2 versions of this game and enjoyed both the first and second games. However, they failed to bring complete longevity game because of the limited number of songs you had to pick from. This is where te xbox360 exceeds with about 10 new songs that come with it, along with 9 other downloadable songs from the first guitar hero. While this may not seem like much right now, this opens the door to a realm of possibilities for...

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Amazing. 0

This was the first Guitar Hero game for me, and i am really glad I tried it out. Its all the fun of a rhythm based game like DDR but you feel was less stupid playing it, and the music is way better. The graphics are surprisingly solid, especially considering that a game like this doesn't really need any. Everything is shiny/flashy, and the light shows and smoke effects are pretty cool, giving off that rock star look. The audience is actually pretty well animated, better than crowds usually are i...

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Guitar Hero II 0

Guitar Hero is still just as addicting as ever, as you find yourself continually saying "just one more song". It's still great fun to rock out and play some good tunes, although the setlist isn't nearly as good as the first game's. I hardly recognized any of the song names when I first read the list, although I still heard the majority of them before and just didn't know the name. The songs are all still fun to play and usually catchy, but it's just harder to get into a song and really feel cool...

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Best in the Series 0

Guitar Hero II is the sequel to the original Guitar Hero, the game that re-popularized the music and rhythm genre. Guitar Hero II takes everything from the first game, and expands making a bigger and better game. A few gameplay tweaks have been made to the game. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are now easier to do, and there are now three button chords. The game also includes a new "Pro-Face Off" mode. Instead of switching between parts like in the regular "Face Off" mode, you and your opponent both bo...

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Rock on! 0

With the launch of the XBOX 360, Microsoft has been searching for the first game to actually bring a lot of people to it's new console. The port of Guitar Hero II is a good start. Guitar hero II in most respects is no different than its playstation counterpart. They are basically the same game. Although those that haven't yet got GH2 and have a 360 you should really pick this game up. As it fixes the hammer on pull off system and contains bonus tracks that the playstation 2 doesn't have. The exp...

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"Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man..." 0

When I first saw the videos and buzz about Guitar Hero in late 2005, I was intrigued. A year later I asked for a PlayStation 2 for Christmas and Guitar Hero was the first thing I thought of. However, its sequel Guitar Hero II had just come out and so I asked for that instead. When I opened my presents that morning and popped GHII into my new system, I could not have been more satisfied, because Guitar Hero II is a totally awesome game and a blast to play. To be frank, this game rocks. Rhythm gam...

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Apparently playing a toy miniguitar with no strings is awesome. 0

GHII is the followup to the vastly popular Guitar Hero. I haven't played the original yet, but I did play GHIII before GHII. II and III are very comparable, but III has a tiny edge for me; I like the song selection on GHIII better. At least, An awesome visual style is presentthere are more songs I really like on GHIII, but GHIII has some truly awful choises as well, whereas GHII has no absolutely terrible songs. Ofcourse this is just a matter of music taste, if you find yourself wondering which ...

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A questionable soundtrack that leaves you a little underwhelmed. 0

Harmonix have teamed up with RedOctane once again to bring you one of the most anticipated sequels I can remember for quite some time. Guitar Hero surprised everyone after the majority of people labeled it a failure even before it’s release, boy were they wrong. This time around in a complete turn of fortune everyone who had played the original was now expectant; fans were speculating which songs would make the final line-up and which would be unobtainable due to copyright laws. The thing that I...

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More of the same great game, but it leaves you wanting more 0

The first Guitar Hero was a dream come true for me. I had always loved the Konami series Guitar Freaks in the arcade, and I was hoping for a US version which of course never came to be. I followed Guitar Hero from it's E3 showing until release and loved every minute of it. Naturally a sequel was announced and again I was excited. Now that the game is out the reality sets in. After one year what else could I expect, but more of the same? Guitar Hero II is a solid game. Better than the original i...

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Guitar Hero II - Review 0

This is the first downward trend in the Guitar Hero franchise.Okay, that’s a scathing, somewhat crappy thing to say about a game I just gave four stars.  My limited budget (and eager to improve writing) has led me to revisit the untouched boxes on my shelf, even those that I reviewed for a high school paper at the time of its release.  I was led to a very cheap Xbox 360 version of the game and picked it up for prosperity’s sake: the original PS2 version will not work on the PS3.  Well, it’ll wor...

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