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Still holds up. 0

Let us take The Wayback Machine to a much simpler time, Nov. 2001. The PS2 had been out for a year, the Dreamcast was on it's deathbed and the GCN and Xbox had just been released. Think of console FPSs back at that time. Go on, I'll give you a minute.... Done? Ok. Not a whole lot, was there? On the PS2, there was Red Faction and Timesplitters. On the DC, you had ports of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The GCN didn't have a shooter yet but the N64 had Perfect Dark and Turok 3. Now compare these g...

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A console FPS that has stood the test of time. 2

Still standing tall after all these years.Halo was Microsoft's "killer app." It propelled the Xbox beyond all expectations, and put Xbox on the map as a gaming machine. However, before its release, there were many people who did not belive halo could fulfill its promises, as the first major Hi Profile FPS for a console.Half Life, Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament - All of those established shooter franchises were on the PC, and it was unknown how a console FPS would be able to even compare. How wou...

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One of the best first-person shooters of all-time! 0

When you say the word "Bungie", you usually think about the Halo series, one of the most well-known franchises in existance, And now, with my first review here on GiantBomb, I am going back to the game that started it all.Halo: Combat Evolved starts off on the UNSC Halycon-class cruiser Pillar of Autumn which had weeks ago narrowly escaped demise at the hands of the alien theocracy known as the Covenant Empire after making a blind jump to get away from the planet Reach. However, right from the g...

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One of the best FPS you will ever play. 1

Gameplay The gameplay in Halo is one of the best you will see ever in a game. In halo you play through the eyes of a character known as the Master Chief. The combat in Halo is challenging and never gets old because the enemy AI is so good that the enemies react in a lot of different ways depending on the situation. If there's a vehicle nearby, they might get into it. If you blast a volley of glass shards at them from the needler or if their shields are low, they'll likely run behind a rock a...

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Halo is the greatest First-Person Shooter ever made. 0

Halo: Combat Evolved is a Frist-Person Shooter developed by Bungie for the XBox, and it's the first installment in the Halo series. Halo is regarded by many as one of the best First-Person Shooters to ever be released. Many gaming websites lauded the games visuals, sound, plot and gameplay. It's also regarded as possibly the best release title of all time and it's won legions of fans.The game is set in the future, in the year 2552, where there is a huge war raging on between the Covenant (an ali...

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Halo: CE... has all the elements of a great fps. 0

 I followed the hype of Halo for years, confused about how a generic shooter like this could be so popular. Before I played it, I assumed it would be pretty cut and dry like most fps at the time. Sure the graphics could be slightly better and the story line could be improved upon fps at the time, but really how good can this game be? Let me tell you, all the hype surrounding this game is legitimate, Halo: Combat Evolved may just be the best first person shooter ever. I usually don't get too ca...

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Halo is one of those "had to be there" experiences. 0

I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who's managed not to play Halo all this time, which is really too bad because even after all these years, the game holds up quite well. It's more of an appreciation in hindsight, as Halo has obviously been eclipsed by modern shooters like Call of Duty 4, Half-Life 2 and Crysis. Open-field battles, two-weapon fighting and regenerating shields were really popularized here first and still make a great impression.The game world borrows a lot from acti...

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how do i buy? 0

how do i buy games because i am new and im confused like really confused about it so someone tell me please because i want to play games on here really really really bad so just tell me how to buy it just tell me if you don't i won't care as long if you know ...

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Nine years later, still a showstopper. 0

When Halo originally came out in 2001, I had no intention of buying an Xbox, so I only played bits and pieces at friend’s houses. It seemed like a competant shooter but nothing worth going gah-gah over, especially considering most of the shooters I was playing were still on PC. A few years later, I finally got around to playing Halo firsthand with Gearbox’s PC release, but in many ways, the moment of excitement had passed. I was merely playing through it as a formality just to see what I had mis...

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Where has halo been all my life 0

Not since half life 1 which was released in 1998, there has been a better fps out there in the gamig world. Halo redefines this genre with its explosive gameplay and multiplayer action. It just took too long for it to arive on the pc.Masterchief will go down as the greatest action hero in video gaming history. With high pace action from the start of the game you will battle through alien like creatures and later on, zombies, which will test your shooting accuracy. Using your own weapons is not e...

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The game that started it all 0

Halo: Combat Evolved released in 2001 as an Xbox launch game. This game is by far the best launch game ever. Gameplay: Excellent gameplay. One of the best FPS games ever, especially for its time. The AI is intelligent and the game mechanics itself is just immersive. There are a lot of weapons to choose from including different kinds of grenades. There are also a number of vehicles to be driven and to be ridden. Graphics: Best graphics I've seen from a 2001 game and prior. The designs are outst...

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Great Port To PC 0

Halo is a great port from xbox. Everything is pretty much the same from the orginal xbox version but Pc version quality is a bit better something you would not except from a console to PC port.Graphics are nice and shiny for a 2003 game and runs on any modern PC.Gameplay is simpke killing things and point a to point B movement with a intresting story and cutscens.Sounds is amazing with nice weapong sounds and voice acting. the game is only 10 to 20 dollars now and a good game to pass the time.Th...

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A great Xbox game, and now a great PC game! 0

I'm not going to mindlessly praise this game, so please don't skip over because of the high rating I gave it. I'm not some mindless fanboy here to tell you this is the greatest game ever, it isn't. This will be an honest consideration of the game as a whole. First, the game has a good story. They went to some trouble to make it interesting and keep up the surprises. There is good transition and you meet the right mix of characters for a given situation. There isn't really a moment where you find...

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6h05tly's Halo Review 0


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A defining achievment for the console FPS genre 0

When Halo first arrived, it was hailed as a revolution for the console first-person shooter genre. Seven years later, this game still holds up as one of the best console FPS's ever made. What makes Halo great is not one particular factor, but a convergence of different qualities that add up to a remarkable experience. From a presentation point of view, Halo is a gorgeous game, with huge sweeping vistas that invite open-ended gameplay and evoke a sense of freedom absent from your normal run-of-t...

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An amazing game that started a fantastic and much needed series. 0

This is the game that got all of those Xbox systems off the shelves. This is the game than ensured Microsoft success. This is the game that revolutionized console shooters. The graphics are top notch for the time, but were quickly topped by other games, including its big brother, halo 2. There was a large amount of textures and shine. This game has a sort of realistic yet unfamiliar look to it. The guns and character models are pretty well detailed. What's really impressive to me is how far you ...

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Halo review (Xbox) 0

 HALO (XBOX; 2001) - Graphics & AudioAs I review this game I will try to keep it in perspective and review it as a game released during the year it came out like I try to do with all games I review after the fact. Halo's graphics are superb and are no doubt at the top of the heap and the audio is equally top notch. Great sound effects also help to create an atmosphere that few could match at the time. Unfortunately, the visuals are brought down by the incessant reuse of the same textures ove...

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One of the best: Halo 0

"WART WART". Know what this dialog is from? If you don't, you need to see help immediately. Not only because it's from one of the most well designed and well rounded games ever, but because the name of the game is in the title of this review. Yes, it is the one and only (well, not really since there's a Halo 2...but yeah...) HALO! Many regard this game as the best FPS ever, and with a great plot, stunning visuals, awesome multiplayer, and tons of replayabilaty, this game is one of, if not the t...

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The best FPS for xbox 0

Now when I say best shooter ever I mean it, With a hardcore campaign and awesome multiplayer halo has something for everybody.Im going to start with the campaign so here goes nothing.Halo's campaign starts you out in your ship (or base) somewhere in outerspace while the covenant is attacking, Which makes for some pretty exciting and intense action in the first mission while in most other shooters the first mission is slow paced. But thats not the case in halo sure there are sometimes where the a...

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Why I don't like Halo 0

 Halo isn't a very good first person shooter. I know, I know. You're a Halo fanboy and you think I'm just a mindless hater. You think I'm just going along with the crowd. That I'm some sort of dude who enjoys hopping on bandwagons. Well, no... that's not really the case. I've thought about this for a long while. I've never liked Halo. Even back when it first came out in 2000, it didn't impress me. I'm not a guy who likes to be counter-culture, or go against popular opinion for its own sak...

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The great FPS shooter that still stands today 0

Halo Combat Evolved was the first Halo game to come in the popular bungie franchise. It was released in 2001 for the Microsoft Xbox back then and is still remembered by many. Although nowadays people will call it bad grapics or outdated but Halo Combat Evolved will always be remembered as the best FPS out there. It's the game that made other first person shooters look like crap. We'll start with the storyline, it begins with you controlling the master chief the only super spartan II soldier that...

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Why I don't like Halo 0

 Halo isn't a very good first person shooter. I know, I know. You're a Halo fanboy and you think I'm just a mindless hater. You think I'm just going along with the crowd. That I'm some sort of dude who enjoys hopping on bandwagons. Well, no... that's not really the case. I've thought about this for a long while. I've never liked Halo. Even back when it first came out in 2000, it didn't impress me. I'm not a guy who likes to be counter-culture, or go against popular opinion for its ow...

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Halo Combat Evolved Review: Cue monk chants 0

Halo: Combat Evolved, the game that started a series which dominated the first person genre for years and put the Xbox on the map. When Halo came out I was not a big fan of shooter games. I had loved Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 but that was really it. Halo changed all that, bringing a quality shooting experience to consoles that truly competed with the likes of Unreal on the PC. 10 Years later how does Halo Combat Evolved stand against modern games?     From its storytelling strengths, Halo is ...

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Remarkable Xbox FPS Shooter! Great Multiplayer! 0

I could explain how great this game is, but i would need too put approximately 8000 words, 268 pictures and 84 videos but yet it would still mean nothing compared to playing the game. It is the one Xbox i would give a 10 because this game really deserves it. I'll explain co-op since thats what i started out with. You start shooting aliens with awesome guns while there screaming. The gunning is just incredibly fun. The levels are original in a good atmosphere and has fun FPS action. The alien...

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Master Chief, an elite marine with a badass suit 0

 A game that penetrates the mainstream audience like Halo did only happens once in a blue moon, did Halo deserve the praise or was it a fluke?Starting out, Halo was a curious game. It originated as a third-person shooter for the Mac and PC. It looked to be a good standard sci-fi game. In June of 2000 Microsoft announced that they had acquired Bungie Studios, the developer of Halo. They also announced it becoming a first person shooter. When it was released as a launch title for Microsoft...

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Genesis 0

Note: The following review is for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition specifically and was originally uploaded on June 7th, 2014. The original version was deleted in a wiki re-organisation and this re-upload may have minor differences from the original.Back in 2011 there was entire decade separating the FPS genre from the release of the original Halo, but it didn’t feel like it. Part of this was the way the years naturally fly by, but this phenomenon can also be attributed to the way ...

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Halo Combat Evolved PC Review 0

In Halo: Combat Evolved it's the year 2552 and you play as a super soldier codenamed Spartan 117, but is usually called Master Chief. In the game the humans (you) discover a planetary ring called "Halo". You fight a religious group of aliens called the Covenant who don't want you on there ring. You have other marines fighting with you, but you mostly go alone in the game. Halo has a great story to the game other than being just a shooter. You have a variety of guns, vehicles, and gadgets with y...

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Amazing FPS Action! Not The Best But Still Awesome! 0

After a year of being out on the Xbox, PC Gamers eagerly awaited this amazing FPS game to come to the PC. With games like Half-Life, Halo cant be called the best FPS shooter on the PC, not by far but its still very enjoyable.It can be used with a controller or the classic K/M which is great for FPS.Singleplayer is fun, and everything about this game is like the Xbox version, great vehicles, fun guns, crazy aliens, cool maps make is a great game!Whats the difference between the Xbox version and t...

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The Bottom Line is: You need to play this game 0

    Now when I review this game I'm going to be speaking in retrospective or basically review the game from a 2001 perspective as opposed to a 2009 perspective because to be honest it would be harder to review this game from a 2009 perspective mainly because its very old and many games have copied the formula this game has laid out.     Halo: Combat Evolved is a FPS game or First Person Shooter game from Developer Bungie who brought us the popular Marathon series and in fact Halo does bear some ...

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One of the Best Ever 0

 If you're visiting Giant Bomb, then you already know what the Halo series is generally about.  However, you might not have played the original Halo: Combat Evolved.  If you haven't then I will skip right to the end and say that you should.Halo: Combat Evolved (H:CE) was a launch title for the original Xbox.  I firmly believe that it was the title that caused Microsoft from just simply packing up and shutting down, as no other title was really worth playing on the console for over a year after t...

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Halo 0

Yeah, the first game. In the past I've played and enjoyed bits of the campaign and some multi-player, but I'd never sat down and played it through. I worked through it on a friend's Xbox, and I'm glad I did. I think the series' fans are a little overboard, it's really not that much better than a lot of console shooters. But it's really quite revolutionary and commendable for what it does right. Before Halo, every FPS had a large, unruly inventory of weaponry and a health bar. After Halo, almost ...

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My first real console FPS 0

So, I know it's 2008  but i'm a late bloomer... at least that's what all the teachers said in school... and my mom... and well never mind that. I finally picked up a copy of Halo about a year or two ago and played the first level and didn't touch it again. Then I started seeing ads for Halo 3 and all the hype around it and I figured... maybe I should try it. So I played it. (I was always a halo basher though I never picked up the game... ) I was playing it and knowing it was old and a lot of mec...

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It's still for noobs.... 0

We all have seen the big black box that led us to experience seizures while killing the Covenant or the Flood. I’m sure most of us played it and enjoyed it or played it and said it was for noobs. We may have been arrogant enough to say, “Xbox sucks Gamecube is better” or “Xbox sucks PS2 is better.” Then the pc gamers will always say, “The pc is a superior game machine compared to all of them.” This is still true but the game Halo doesn’t lend itself to helping the pc’s superiority situation. Thr...

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Halo fits the bill nicely as the first Xbox FPS. 2

In 2001, a little known Apple-based developer called Bungie released a game that would be on of the launch titles for Microsoft’s first venture in the video game console business. Its name was Halo. Seven years later, with a sequel under its belt and millions of copies sold worldwide, Halo shows that being a multi-million seller game doesn’t exactly mean it has to be bland nor easy in difficulty. It all starts about five hundred and fifty years into the future, the human race is through buildin...

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Perfect game on the Xbox console 0

Game-play This Halo game is the first one in the series and when you play it you'll feel like this game give a good begining to the series. The game is based on a Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter. Altough when you beat the game you can play multi-player or System link you would probably think that system link is boring. System link its like xbox live exept there's not allot more people. The gameplay has allot of action and there's allot of mission this game is the best game you can get on the xbox th...

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