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ICO: Simplistic in Design, Yet Profound in Implementation 2

In a genre which has been as consistently crowded as the action-adventure for years, it can be incredibly difficult to make a game which not only stands out, but also has mechanics which work well and make the experience a rewarding one. Whereas most start with the category's basic foundation and then build upon and elaborate on that, ICO often does quite the opposite to great success. Eschewing complicated systems and instead preferring a vast amount of simplicity, the game tasks players with o...

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Ico was a fun adventure game while it lasted. 1

Ico was a great concept, but there wasn't much to it. The game was just way too short, and the puzzles started to wear thin towards the end. I loved the style and atmosphere this game had but the gameplay was pretty weak compared to any other action / adventure game out there. It was a great experience for what it was atleast. ----------Battle System---------- Ico is an action / adventure game. There's a ton of similarities to this game and the modern Zelda games, except there's more meat to ...

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Charm doesn't quite outweigh its blatant simiplicity 0

Since its release in 2001, Ico has become a cult classic. Used copies can't stay on the shelves, and as a result this early PS2 game has become quite rare. But even though Ico has found its niche, there's a reason why it never was able to achieve substantial commercial success. You see, Ico's worth playing to experience the realized art style and characters, but at this point in 2008, or even back in 2001 for that matter, the gameplay is way too simple to satisfy most gamers.The camera focuses o...

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Aesthetic Appeal 0

ICO, a puzzle-platformer produced in 2001, is a game that many have chosen to describe as "minimalist." Cutscenes are few and far between, and when they do appear, the few characters within the plot (there are three) generally say only a few words. This might be a downer for those who appreciate BIOWARE-esque conversations to advance the story, but ICO more than makes up for the lack of speech with rich facial and body expressions, as well as producing a gorgeously rendered stage to house the ga...

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Ico 0

A game unlike any other i have played, great story, characters, backgrounds and so much more.You play the role of Ico, a young boy born with a pair of horns. Ico is to be sacrificed and so sent to a mysterious castle. locked away in a stone like tomb he manages to escape and upon doing so finds a cage with a girl locked inside, the girl is named yorda and together they must escape.The game in total is rather short but every minute seems enjoyable, the cut scenes are short and few but again are e...

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