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Jaha is a lazy boy and classmate to Bowie, the main character in the game Shining Force II. He oversleeps and misses the very first battle of the game but joins the Shining Force on their way to meet with Sir Hawel. He serves as comic relief often and is seen as a bit of a slacker and dimwitted person.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Jaha sports some of the highest defense of characters available in Shining Force II. Pairing this with his high attack makes Jaha a valuable asset for the first half of the game. Pre-Promotion, Jaha suffers slightly by his limited mobility but with the Warrior Pride item, it is possible to promote Jaha to the Baron class, increasing his movement by 1 and allowing him to equip both axes and swords.


Pre-Promotion: Warrior (WARR)


  • Gladiator (GLDT)
  • Baron (BRN) with the Warrior Pride

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