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Kangaroo, released in 1983 and then again with silver box label in 1988, was the story of a mother kangaroo searching for her kidnapped baby.  The game utilized the Atari 2600 joystick to help mother maneuver, "Donkey Kong" type level designs.  Every different direction on the joystick would send mother ducking or leaping from ledges or to collect scattered fruit for points.  The red button on the joystick controlled her "boxing," which was frequently needed to fight of the onslaught of evil monkeys bent on keeping baby kangaroo kidnapped.  The game was remembered as being especially difficult as you start the game with 3 lives and no continues.

Kangaroo is another gem by yesterday's standards, but remains a formidable challenge to any newcomer to the games design.

In one of the levels that broke with the game's usual ascent format, your joey is on top of a column of monkeys that you must punch repeatedly in order to knock each monkey out from other the platform your joey is on.  You punch the HELL out of those monkeys, I can tell you.

The game uses Stephen Foster's song "O! Suzanna!" to signal level completion (when your little joey says MOM in big letters after you rescue him or her).  When ringing the bell to bring in the next selection of fruit, you hear the Westminster Quarters song (often heard in college campuses).

As you get closer to the top of each level a gorilla will come out and want to box you.  It's best to avoid him and keep going till you reach the top.

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