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Arcade Emulation I will gladly pay for, because the memories come flooding back.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

You ever play Xybots?  I love that game.  I like APB too, although it's too damned hard for an arcade game.

Posted by Brackynews
@ahoodedfigure:  I did play my fair share of Xybots!  But I will pick Xenophobe and Devastators over it. :)
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@Brackynews:  Xenophobe was awesome, especially with three players.  Did you hear about all the extra features they never had time to program?  It almost sounded like an action RPG if those sources are right, or at least a game with many more puzzle elements.
For some examples, check it:

Never had a Lynx but they managed to add a few, like stopping the ship from impacting with... something. There was a similar feature in the arcade if you figured it out, where you could stop the self-destruct countdown I think.  This one seems to have the test tubes actually do something, which was one of the early suggested features. Every item was beneficial, and not just for points.  
Also, did a bit of work here after you replied :)
Devastators I don't think I ever saw.  
Posted by Brackynews
@ahoodedfigure:  Fine fine work as always, glad if I spurred it along. Now I'm tempted to make a full suite of Xeno character pages.  Too many exams and assignments atm...
Watched that whole Lynx video! I played a good dozen games on the original hardware but don't think Xeno was available at the time. 

If GRIN was still in business they'd be all over a remake. :)