Weisman bringing back classic Shadowrun (this wks big KS news).

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#51 Posted by alternate (2719 posts) -

2 ppl kicked in 10k each. I don't do kickstarter as I don't like pre-ordering a year or more in advance but it is pretty exciting. Especially as, to keep costs down, they are almost all PC downloadable titles.

As soon as a high profile game or two sinks, taking all the money with it, this whole idea will lose it's appeal but it certainly makes for an interesting 6 months ahead.

#52 Posted by DeF (4957 posts) -

@1337W422102 said:

This is REAL Shadowrun, right? None of that "Counter-Strike with magic" bullshit from a few years back?

... just watch the video :)

#53 Posted by HoboZero (206 posts) -

I'm outside the US but I really want to chip in on this - does anyone know if there is a way to donate from Canada?

#54 Posted by Brodehouse (10106 posts) -
@HoboZero said:

I'm outside the US but I really want to chip in on this - does anyone know if there is a way to donate from Canada?

Anyone with a credit card can donate.
#55 Posted by HoboZero (206 posts) -

@Brodehouse: Ah, thanks! - the last entry in the FAQ on that page made it look like backers had to be US based. Never realized kickstarter used Amazon checkout. So easy, maybe I'll take a look around for something else to back :)

#56 Posted by Brodehouse (10106 posts) -

@HoboZero: May I suggest

The Banner Saga, a TRPG with an incredible art style that promises a mature storyline. It's designed by three devs who last worked on The Old Republic. Next to Shadowrun, this is probably the game I'm most excited about coming out of Kickstarter.

Wasteland 2, I'm sure you've heard of it. Designed by what seems like half of the old Interplay and assisted by Chris Avellone, probably the best writer in the history of this medium.

Aura Tactics, this one is much lower scale, but it seems like an interesting enough TRPG and you can get a copy for just 5 bucks.

#57 Posted by Zippedbinders (1030 posts) -

Never played a Shadowrun game before, however this seems really cool. I should probably chip in.

#58 Posted by Aetheldod (3682 posts) -

Unlike a lot of people ... Im glad that more developers are taking this route , there is place for non "AAA" multi million games , more akin to the old age of videogames , which Im fine with. I dont need ultra high pc breaking graphics all the time to appreciate a good game and the best thing is that the developers gets their cash for making the game , they dont loose the money if the game doesnt becomes a hit (this meaning that it doesnt breaks even , not an excuse to make a subpar game) and if they want to keep making games this way they have to give their best ... not half assed lame games (in theory anyway).

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Maybe I sound like an asshole but I feel when it comes to video games, Kickstarter is a way for incredibly rich businessmen to make a product with no risk and make total bank. All they need to do is trade on nerd nostalgia.

This is the perfect case in point, I like Jordan, but the guy is pretty fucking wealthy, if he wanted to make a Shadowrun game like the old ones he could have put up 400K himself at any point over at least the last 10 years, but he didn't. It looks like he didn't even think of it until the whole doublefine/wasteland/kickstarter 0 risk option appeared.

That being said ill still be putting down at at least enough to get a copy of the game, because I love Shadowrun.

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