Quick question about medics in KZ3

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When you're bleeding out in multiplayer, are you able to see how close a medic is to your body so that you know whether or not to bleed out or just keep waiting? 
As someone who's very big on being a medic in shooters (TF2, MAG, Battlefield), I was seriously irked by the above oversight in the beta; I'd run towards a bleedin' out teammate only to have them press X and go to the respawn timer.  

"Dude, why did you bleed out? I was just a few feet away from you."  

"Oh, sorry man, it doesn't show where any medics are on the minimap when I'm bleeding out."  

This is more than a little bit annoying, considering that I enjoyed much of Killzone 2 and 3 [beta]'s multiplayer shtick.

#2 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

its the same. you get all they way to the guy your trying to save and he hits X. 

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It doesn't show how far medics are from you. Ehh it's not too bad, you don't really want to run out in the open to revive a guy anyways. You basically just revive dudes that are nearby. There are other awesome things with KZ's medic than just healing dudes.

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What I found more annoying (in Killzone 2 at least) was how long the recharge timer for ressing took. Even if they did see me hanging around them as they bled out they would be dead anyways as I probably already res'd someone.

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Ahh they patched / are going to patch the timer on the defib, so its all good :)) 
I swear it doesnt take as long as it did in the beta...

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It's really just assumptions. Whenever I'm downed, I look at the minimap to see if there are any green dots near me, specifically running toward my general direction. Most of the time, I'm right and I get revived. And when I'm a medic, I immediately sprint to a body to try to catch them before they respawn.
Lately, I have been playing more games where some actually wait a few seconds. So I think as people just play more, they will learn to wait longer.
Or at least I hope so.

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Weird in KZ2 you could definitely see how far away the medics are, I am really sure about that.

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The X button also saves you from bad medics who seem to think reviving you so you can get murder by the tank again is a good thing. It would be nice to know where the medics are, but a lot of it, I would assume, is people wanting to get right back into the action.

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They need to add that for sure and the cooldown should be shorter. I started out playing medic but got frustrated from running to someones aid, then when you are almost there he respawns.

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When you get revived by a medic, does it count as a death?

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@EVO said:
" When you get revived by a medic, does it count as a death? "
Still does, yes.
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Yeah, it sucks that there is no indication of any medics around. When I'm down I usually shout "MEDIC!!" into my mic all TF2 like to see if I get a response.

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The problems with the Medic class will hopefully be patched soon. Medic fixes were included in a list things that will be patched according to killzone.com The Medic's revive gun distance, cooldown and display on the minimap is going to get fixed as per the post below from Guerrilla:
Upcoming changes and fixes from Killzone.com

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The medic's revive cool-down is being reduced from 25 to 10 seconds in the newest patch (1.04), so that should at least help with the cool-down frustration.
Also the revival range has apparently been upped to 20 meters, which seems crazy. 

1.04 Changes, New Functionality, and Bug Fixes

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