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Named after the musical instrument producer Korg, the Korg DS-10 is music creation software designed specifically for the DS. The concept for the game arose when the physical similarities between the Korg MS-10 and the Nintendo DS were noticed.  Incidentally, this occurred in a bar when the producer witnessed two people having a conversation about the DS and Korg synthesizers.  The Nintendo DS seems the best candidate for this software largely because it has a touch screen which makes input easy, quick and responsive.  While trying to be a full fledged synthesizer, the Korg DS-10 is an excellent entry point into sound synthesis and composition for those who are still new to music creation.


Various features in detail
  • Two patchable dual-oscillator analog synth simulators
  • Four part drum machine with drum samples generated by the user with the synthesizer engine
  • Six-track ( analog synth X 2, drum machine X 4) / 16-step / 16-pattern sequencer
  • Delay, chorus and flanger sound FX
  • 3 input methods: touch-control screen, keyboard screen, matrix screen
  • Warp your sounds using Kaoss-pad style XY controller input on the touch screen
        • Link and sync up to 4 Nintendo DSs

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