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Lt. Surge specializes in electric Pokémon, and hands out the Thunder badge to people who can beat him in battle.

The teams Lt. Surge uses in the various games are as follows.

Battle Data

Pokémon Red/Blue/Green

Lieutenant Surge's Original Design in Pokemon RBY.

He gives 2376G, TM 24 Thunderbolt and the Thunder Badge when defeated.

Pokémon Yellow

  • Raichu - level 28

He gives 2772G, TM 24 Thunderbolt and the Thunder Badge when defeated.

Pokémon Gold/Silver and Crystal

He gives 4600G and the Thunder Badge when defeated.

Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen

  • Voltorb - level 21
  • Pikachu - level 18
  • Raichu - level 24

He gives 2400G TM 34 Shock wave and the Thunder Badge when defeated.

Pokémon HeartGold/Soulsilver

Gym Match

  • Raichu - level 51
  • Electrode -level 47
  • Electrode - level 47
  • Magneton - level 47
  • Electabuzz - level 53

He gives 6360G, TM 34 Shock Wave and The Thunder Badge when defeated.

Fighting Dojo Rematch

He gives 6720G when defeated.


Lt. Surge's name is a play on "Surge" and the accent pronunciation of "Sarge" , which is evident in ' electrical surge' and in his position as the Kanto Gym Leader specializing in Electric-type.


  • Lt. Surge's recent redesign gives him a more commando look as opposed to a traditional soldier, and bears a great comparison of physical resemblance to Street Fighter's Guile.
  • Taking in note Lt. Surge's member stance in the United States Army, he is one of two Pokemon Gym Leaders consistent with having prior residence outside the Pokémon canon universe; the other being Sinnoh Gym Leader Fantina.
  • In the anime and in Pokémon Yellow, Lt. Surge's Raichu moveset includes the move Mega Kick, which Raichu is incapable of learning.

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