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Lucas Simms
Lucas Simms is the sheriff and mayor of Megaton, a town constructed of scrap metal located not far from the entrance to Vault 101.  He is the first person to greet the Vault 101 Dweller upon entering Megaton.  He is concerned with the safety and well-being of the town's residents; his chief concern being the still-active atomic bomb sitting within the crater in the center of town.  He carries a Chinese Assault Rifle, keys to his house, and a key to the Megaton Armory.  If the player chooses to help Lucas and disarms the nuke, Lucas will reward the player with the key to a vacant Megaton residence.  If the player chooses to report Mister Burke to Lucas Simms, Lucas Simms will attempt to arrest Burke, but as Simms turns around Burke will attempt to kill him. With careful timing you can quickly shoot Burke in the head saving Simms.

If you save him he thanks you saying that he must be getting slow in his old age. If, however he happens to die his son will take over his place.

He grew up in Megaton and won his position by a unanimous vote of the town's citizens. He is fascinated by the stories of the Wild West, and named his son, Harden, after John Wesley Hardin, an Old West outlaw. Simms is also a member of the Regulators, judging by his hat he ranks somewhere close to Sonora leader of the Regulators, as she wears a similar hat. Lucas Simms wears a unique duster and hat called Sheriffs Hat and Sheriffs Duster which give perception and charisma boosts.

If you wear these items the people of Megaton consider you the new de facto Sheriff however most of them will not like you that much.

Some responses you'll get are:

Jericho: "That badge don't impress me, kid."
Harden Simms: "You might wear his badge, but you're not my dad."
Moriarty: "You got a lot of nerve wearing that badge in here." This is due to the fact that Simms and Moriarty were not friendly with each other.

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