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Walter is a 61 year old man who is trying to maintain the Water Processing Plant that is close to giving up the ghost, knowing that he won't last much longer himself. Walter is a long time citizen of Megaton and has been maintaining the water purifier for the last 35 years, at this point he is the only person who knows how to fix it. Walter is working on the water purifier almost all day, occasionally taking a break to get some fresh air or a drink at Moriarty's Saloon and also to sleep.  


Walter will give the Lone Wanderer two unmarked quests: the Treatment quest and the Walter's Scrap Metal quest. 


Walter will tell the player to help repair several leaks in the water pumps around Megaton if the player asks what needs to be done. The player has to find 3 leaks in the water pipes in Megaton. To fix a pipe you need a Repair Skill of 30. The three pipes are in the following locations:
  1. On the roof of the church of the Children of Atom.
  2. On the hill near the entrance to Megaton.
  3. On the hill that leads to the Common House.

Walter will reward the player for finishing the quest by giving you 200 caps and 100 experience points as well as offering you the Walter's Scrap Metal quest. 

Walter's Scrap Metal

Walter will ask the player to give him any Scrap Metal found in the Capital Wasteland. He will reward the player with 10 bottle caps and 5 experience for each piece of scrap metal. The player can opt to give the scrap metal for free for 10 Karma each (you will still get the experience). There are two other people competing for scrap metal with different offers. Winthrop, a ghoul in Underworld, will offer the player the choice of 1 stimpak, RadAway, or Rad-x for 5 pieces of scrap metal. Protector Casdin of the Brotherhood Outcasts will offer the player a choice of 12 5.56 rounds, 1 grenade, 1 RadAway, or 1 stimpak as well as giving respect from the Outcast faction. The only other repeatable use for scrap metal is the ammo press in the Mill in the The Pitt DLC.


Walter is one of the only six NPCs to wear a RobCo Jumpsuit.
Walter is a Good character and drops an ear when he dies if the player has the Contract Killer Perk.  Ironically the guy worried about Megaton's water has a glitch that allows you to "drink" him. If you move the cursor over Walter for a split second it will be possible to drink from him. This will give you a few points of health back and a few rads. However the people of Megaton are close minded and don't respect a beautiful thing and drinking Walter will cause people to become hostile to you. 
Another bug that happens frequently is Walter vanishing completely from people's games. This can make it impossible to complete his quests.
Walter is voiced by Paul Eiding.
His SPECIAL stats are: Strength-4, Perception-5, Endurance-4, Charisma-6, Intelligence-7, Agility-4, Luck-5.
His Base ID is: 00000a64
His Reference ID is: 00003b59

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