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Lula: The Sexy Empire (aka Wet: The Sexy Empire) is a 1997 adult-adventure game developed by Interactive Strip; a sublabel of CDV Software. One of the titles in the short-lived Lula porn game franchise, the game is one of small handful of games to ever receive an AO rating from the ESRB.

The game, which follows a former bank robber-turned porn director, is filled with crudely drawn nudity, depictions of sex, and cartoon bimbos with chest sizes never under a D-cup.


Following a bank robbery/cop killing in a small Nevada town, a two-bit nameless loser is double-crossed by his partner and lady-friend. As a manhunt ensues for him and the other robbers, he checks into a hotel in the podunk desert town of Wetrock and slips into a bottle of tequila. Sitting by the poolside, he meets a sultry aspiring actress named Lula. Failing to break into the film industry, despite having sex with countless producers, Lula had scraped some money together and planned to make a name for herself in Las Vegas.

After being treated to night of wild sex, our hero has an idea. He plans to make a star out of the 'talented' Lula by directing a series of porn videos staring her and other locals. Meanwhile, he must avoid capture by the FBI for his involvement in the heist.

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