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The M93 Raffica is a modified version of the Beretta 92 pistol. However, unlike most modified weapons, the M93 Raffica is actually made by the same company - Beretta. The word 'Raffica' translates from Italian to 'burst' or 'gust', which suggests a lot about the M93 Raffica. While the Raffica still sees occasional use, they are only supported by several militaries, which is unusual considering the fact the M93 was designed to appeal to a military market. The Raffica was first designed and produced in the 1970's, and production has been halted since the 1990s. 
Some M93s have a stock, which was an option from Beretta themselves. The 'three round burst' design was implemented by Beretta to reduce ammunition consumption, as well as allowing the shooter to be more accurate. In order to reduce recoil, this stock was also offered by the company. Some Rafficas have their stock attached and some do not.  Different games portray the M93 in different ways, such as some games showing it as a powerful weapon, while others do not. One recurring feature of the Raffica is the three round burst and high rate of fire.

Game Appearances

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

 M93R Burst in Bad Company 2
 M93R Burst in Bad Company 2
The M93 Raffica in Bad Company 2, or ' M93R Burst', as it is called in-game, is unlocked upon reaching Rank 13 in online multiplayer. For the most part, this will be the first experience with the weapon, as it does not appear during the campaign. In online multiplayer, the M93 Raffica is portrayed as having low power, an extremely high rate of fire, and poor accuracy. 
During different on line updates, the Raffica has received patches to increase its damage and accuracy, due to the fact it is one of the least commonly encountered weapons online. While the M93 holds the potential to kill with a single burst at close range, it is more common to require twelve or more rounds from the magazine. In other words, this weapon is risky to use around multiple targets, as you may find yourself running dry before the second enemy is down. Like its fellow burst weapons, the M16A2, and the AN-94 Akaban, it is possible to fire the Raffica like it was fully automatic through pulling the trigger rapidly. When a Raffica is used, it appears the same as the M9 pistol in-game, except with a shiny silver finish, as opposed to the matte black of the M9. It also has a relatively large model, and for this reason it can confuse newer players into believing it is a Desert Eagle. In the feed in the upper right of the screen, M93 kills are reported as 'M9-3', which is a valid name for the pistol.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

 M93 Raffica in Modern Warfare 2
 M93 Raffica in Modern Warfare 2
The M93 Raffica in Modern Warfare 2 is unlocked at Rank 38, and is also a sidearm. The Raffica, or 'Rathica', as some players pronounce it, fits under the 'Machine Pistols' category of the in-game sidearms. Like the M93 in Bad Company 2, the weapon has a 20 round magazine, leading to the same unusual three burst, and then two burst firing system. Unlike Bad Company 2 however, the M93 can have this rectified if it is equipped with Extended Mags. This brings the amount of rounds in the M93 magazine from 20 to 30, allowing 10 three round bursts before needing a reload.
Online, the Raffica is common due to the power and accuracy it possesses. The M93 can drop a target in a single burst, in some situations. This ability has given it the nickname of the 'Pocket M16', and the 'Pocket FAMAS', as they both fire three round bursts as well. Additionally, due to the tight spread of the rounds when the Raffica is hipfired, it can be a great Akimbo weapon. The other key advantage of the Raffica is that it can be used when in Last Stand, or in the Final Stand deathstreak. This is the only sidearm apart from the 'Handguns' that can be used in this situation. Should a player be using anything other than the Handguns or the Raffica they will draw an M9 pistol, regardless of Rank. The ironsight for the Raffica is also extremely small, and many players choose to counter this with a Red Dot or Holographic Sight. Some players have since complained, however, that the Red Dot Sight for the M93 is off-center, similarly to the Red Dot Sight for the FN FAL. According to those who say the RDS is bugged, the Raffica fires slightly to the right of the dot.


  One of the members of Rammstein brandishing the Raffica in-video.  
One of the members of Rammstein brandishing the Raffica in-video.  
  • At around 0:53 seconds into the music video for the song 'Ich Will' by Rammstein, one of the band members pulls out an M93 Raffica. This is distinguishable by the fact that it has an extended barrel, as well as a longer magazine.
  • In both Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, the M93 has 20 round magazines as standard. This means the final burst will be two shots, and in some cases may not kill a target.

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