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Mayuki is the manager at a furniture store. She met Chie's father when he visited the store and they fell in love.

On Chie's path, Midori and Shikanosuke visited her at her furniture store. Mayuki was 5 months pregnant at the time. Initially, Midori acted as though she wanted to buy furniture. Eventually, she steered the conversation towards relationships then finally accused Mayuki of cheating. Mayuki realized that they were related to Chie so she brought them to talk over coffee.

Mayuki confessed that she knew that Chie's father was married but she loved him anyway. Midori exploded in rage and stormed off.

Early in March, Mayuki visited Chie's home to apologize and offer her a large sum of compensation. Chie turned it down and forgave her. Mayuki then explained that she had recently given birth to a baby boy and Chie expressed her sincere wish to meet her half-brother.

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