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Metroid is amazingly atmospheric in an isolated way 0

Metroid on the NES was the birth of this franchise, and is now one of the most highly regarded franchises of all time. Metroid was also very revolutionary with its game design, and how it had no levels and just one huge map to discover. Metroid was one big adventure in a sci fi setting and is one to remember.  From the start screen, you'll hear a little chime as Samus Aran appears, then the legendary Brinstar music will play in the background, and it is some of the greatest music you will ever h...

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Review: Metroid (NES) 0

Some of these older videogame reviews will be for games I'm somewhat embarrassed to have never played. Metroid is one of those games. I feel I can't justify this omission without noting that my first full playthrough of a game in this series was Metroid Prime for Gamecube. Some would call that heresy, but I came away from Prime and its sequel having had some incredibly profound and affecting (in a good way) gaming experiences. As a result, I've been pining to go back and check o...

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Before America took the World Wildlife Fund seriously 0

Metroid : A popular NES platform/adventure game. One of the first games that could be called in adventure game in that there’s some sense of exploring/invading foreign territory. Story : Nintendo doesn’t view bounty hunters as the mulletarian white trash on television that hunts down pre-cast, harmless law breakers, or intergalactic, armoured villains awaiting a comic death. No, deceased producer Gumpei Yokei viewed bounty hunters are purveyors of justice! Samus Aran is ordered by the Galactic ...

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Samus' debut, in downloadable form. 0

For the start of such a popular series, it might be difficult to see what the appeal was to the original Metroid on the NES. Compared to later games in the series, it’s a massive technical step backwards, to the point where Samus cannot even aim downwards, much less diagonally. This game lacks a map, most of the weapon upgrades that were found later in the series, and features a difficulty level so punishing that it might cause some players to quit before they manage to finish what can actually ...

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A Sci-Fi Adventure Classic 0

Metroid - Nintendo Entertainment System Forward: I wanted to review this game as fair as I possibly could, seeing as It's 2009, and this game came out in the 80's. The best way I thought to approach it was as if I actually lived in the 80's and was playing this game for the first time, with the intent of expressing my thoughts and opinions of the game to an audience of gamers in the 80's. Also, this is a bit of a mini-review, more of a basic summary of my opinion.   Graphics: 4/5 - Nicely detail...

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Obscure item locations, engaging core gameplay 0

Metroid on the NES is the game that started the Metroid series back then in 1986 and then was remade in 2004 with the game Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA. I played the original NES version that comes as unlockable with Metroid: Zero Mission. Changes to the original NES version include graphics that are being a little squished to fit the GBAs lower screen resolution and the ability to save the password, so that one doesn't have to reenter it. To get a little closer to the original experience I ...

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