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Kinshiro Morooka is the homeroom teacher of Yu Narukami's class for the first few months of Persona 4. He is an overly-strict disciplinarian who openly hates his students, frequently insults them during class, and declares acts such as common teenage gossip and flirting "abominable". In addition to his attitude toward his students, he is also a hypocrite who shirks responsibility in ways such as getting drunk during the class camping trip. His corrupt attitude has earned him the nickname "King Moron" among the students of Yasogami High School.

Relation to the Murder Investigation

On the summer night that Rise Kujikawa would have died had she not been rescued in time, Morooka is murdered and found in a position similar to that of the first two victims. However, his death differs from that of the others for several key reasons, among them being that he had never appeared on the regular television or the Midnight Channel. The actual manner of his death is also much more overt, in that he was killed by blunt-force trauma to the head.

The next person that appeared on the Midnight Channel, high school student Mitsuo Kubo, poses a challenge for someone to come catch him. When the main character and the others enter his dungeon in the TV world, Mitsuo claims that he murdered Morooka, Saki Konishi and Mayumi Yamano. After being captured, he is apprehended by the police and taken away. In truth, however, Mitsuo was a student who was singled out for special abuse by Morooka, who ultimately arranged for Kubo to be expelled from Yasogami High. Mitsuo was only responsible for the death of Morooka, playing copycat to the original murderer, and it was a mere coincidence that he committed the murder on the night that Rise would have died.

Following Morooka's death, Noriko Kashiwagi takes over as the homeroom teacher of Class 2-2.

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