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Saki Konishi is a third-year student at Yasogami High School in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. She is the daughter of the owners of the liquor store in Inaba's Central Shopping District and the older sister of Naoki Konishi. She works part-time at Junes, where she befriended Yosuke Hanamura. Yu Narukami first meets Saki at Junes on April 13th, where she is visibly tired. Later that night, the news runs a story on the murder of Mayumi Yamano. During the report, a clip from an interview with the student that found the body is played. Though the face and voice of the student are disguised, it is in fact Saki.

Days later, Saki herself is found dead with her body in a position similar to that of Mayumi's. The event leads police to treat the investigation as a serial murder case. Meanwhile, Yosuke, who had a crush on Saki, decides to help find the murderer and asks for Yu and Chie Satonaka to help him. Having already visited the TV World once, Yu and Yosuke return and meet Teddie, who agrees to help by leading them to where Saki had ended up. There, they discover a mysterious street that bears a resemblance to the shopping district in Inaba, complete with the Konishis' liquor store. When they step inside to investigate, they hear the voice of Saki's father chastising her for choosing to work at Junes when it's that very store that threatens to run the Konishis out of business. Saki's voice then speaks up, breaking Yosuke's heart as she calls him a pain in the ass. The conflicting emotions in Yosuke draw out Shadow Yosuke.

The Murder

Like Mayumi, Saki was murdered by Tohru Adachi. Sensing a chance to take advantage of her, Adachi calls her back into the police station under the pretense of further questioning. Alone with her in the interrogation room, he makes an advance that she quickly rejects. Angered, Adachi forces himself on Saki and shoves her into the TV, where she is killed by Shadows, just as Mayumi had been.

Prior to Saki's death, Taro Namatame, devastated by Mayumi's murder, sees Saki appear on the Midnight Channel. Taking this as a sign that she's in danger, he tries to warn her, but is ignored. After Saki turns up dead, Namatame convinces himself that he can save "doomed" people that appear on the Midnight Channel by kidnapping them and throwing them into the TV World, completely unaware that such an action is exactly what led to Mayumi and Saki's deaths.

Voice Actress

Saki is voiced by Jessica Straus in the English version of Persona 4.

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