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Introduction in Manual

 "It's no surprise why the finest Ice Hockey players in the world are drawn to the National Hockey League: the NHL offers the greatest level of competition!  Just as the best pro players feel challeneged only when skating against the best, hockey gamers want to take on the videogame that plays the most authentic version of their favorite sport.  In NHL 97, you'll run give-and-go plays, shake the boards with brutal hip checks, fire off blistering one-timers, and vault the wall to change lines on-the-fly.  In the sports gaming world, NHL 97 is the only competition on ice!"   

  • For the first time in the NHL Series, EA used a full 3D Engine complete with motion captured players but only for the PC, Playstation and Saturn versions of the game.  The SNES and Genesis had similar 2D graphics and animations like the previous years but were improved.
  • Play By Play commentary is provided by Vancouver Canuck's announcer Jim Hughson.
  • National teams added: USA, Canada, Russia and Europe.
  • For the first time, you can play the NHL Skills Competition and participate in the Hardest Shot, 2 on 0 Goalie Drills, Accuracy Shooting, Fastest Skater and other well known competitions.
  • Each team has 1 player that had a "special skill" (15 different skills), such examples would by Buffalo Sabre Rob Ray being able to "body check anyone while having control of the puck" and Joe Sakic (and Mark Messier) being able to pull off a "wrong footed wrist shot", Mike Modano's "deke", Doug Gilmour's / Sergei Fedorov "drop pass", Jeremy Roenick's "backhand spin", Peter Forsberg's "deke", Mario Lemiuex's "behind the back shot" and Teemu Selanne's "quick stop shot".
  • Games start with either the American or Canadian National Anthem, depending on which arena you are playing in.
  • All Time User Stats are saved to battery (up to 8 different users) to keep track of personal records and "all time records" and can have 4 concurrent Franchise Seasons.
  • Over 650 different NHL Players featured.
  • All the rosters and teams from the 1996-97 NHL Season.
  • "Goalie Mask View" gives you a detailed look at 30 different NHL Goalie mask designs.
  • Up to 8 People can play at once! (depending on system, not available on Sega Genesis/SNES versions)
  • 9 Different Gameplay Angles, 11 different Instant Replay angles
  • Players display their name and number on the enhanced versions on PC, Saturn and Playstation (even the created players)
  • Online matching making available using phone modem with local players.

Penalties in NHL 97

  • Charging (2 min MINOR) : Applying a body check after you have taken more then two deliberate strides toward your opponent.
  • Cross Check (2 min MINOR): Hitting your opponent with both hands on your stick and no part of the stick on the ice.
  • Fighting (5 min MAJOR): A fight is initiated the moment you drop your gloves.
  • High Sticking (2 min MINOR): Carrying your stick above shoulder level when skating towards an opponent.
  • Holding (2 min MINOR): Using your hands to grab either your opponent or his stick.
  • Interference (2 min MINOR): Any contact with your opponent's goalie while he is in possession of the puck and within the crease.
  • Roughing (2 min MINOR): A particularly ruthless Charging infraction.
  • Slashing (2 min MINOR): Using your stick to hit, or attempt to hit, an opposing player.
  • Tripping (2 min MINOR): Toppling your opponent by means of either your stick, knee, foot, arm, hand, or elbow.

Team Rankings  

TeamsEven StrengthPower PlayPen KillingGoaltending
 Anahiem Mighty Ducks18th  25th17th 10th 
 Boston Bruins8th 11th 20th 17th 
 Buffalo Sabres20th 20th 6th 16th 
 Calgary Flames15th 12th 22nd 8th 
 Chicago Blackhawks6th15th 3rd 5th 
 Colorado Avalanche2nd 2nd 7th 9th 
 Dallas Stars22nd23rd 21st 19th 
 Detroit Red Wings1st3rd 1st 1st 
 Edmonton Oilers21st21st 18th 24th 
Florida Panthers 7th16th 9th 6th 
Hartford Whalers 19th13th 14th 15th 
Los Angeles Kings 23rd14th 10th 23rd 
Montreal Canadians 9th8th 13th 12th 
New Jersey Devils 12th24th 4th 2nd 
New York Islanders 24th10th 24th 25th 
New York Rangers 5th5th 14th 7th 
Ottawa Senators 26th26th 25th 21st 
Philadelphia Flyers 3rd6th 2nd 4th 
Phoenix Coyotes 17th7th 23rd 22nd 
Pittsburgh Penguins 4th1st 8th 20th 
San Jose Sharks 25th19th 26th 26th 
St. Louis Blues14th18th 10th 11th 
Tampa Bay Lightning 11th4th 5th 13th 
Toronto Maple Leafs13th9th 11th 14th 
Vancouver Canucks16th 17th 15th 18th 
Washington Capitals 10th22nd 12th 3rd 


Cheats for Super Nintendo Release

 Infinite Attributes for Created Player: 
  • During the opening screens, hold the R button when you turn on the console and then hold the L button while the licenses screens appear.  Hold until you get to Game Select screen, if you hear "EA Sports" then you should have an unlimited amount for your players attributes.

Cheats for Sega Genesis Release

NHL Bonus Teams: 
  • At the setup screen, press A B C Start to access the Renegade and EA Sports teams. You'll need to enter this code every time you want to use these teams.  
NHL Short Periods: 
  • Hold A C Start at the Team Selection screen and don't let go unto the face-off.

Cheats for PC Release

Cheats for PC Alternate Jerseys:  
  • Some teams have alternative logo's, to use them Left Click on their logo during the Team Select screen. (Teams confirmed: Anahiem, Boston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Vancouver)
Cheat Codes (to activate "cheat mode" hold [SHIFT] and type "WAGD" during game: 
  • Award a Goal to Home Team - H
  • Award a Goal to Away Team  - V
  • Cause Injury - I
  • End Game - G
  • End Period - P
  • Larger Players - [SHIFT] T
  • One Minute Penalty - F
  • Overtime - O
  • Five Minute Penalty Against Opposing Team - 4
  • Four Minute Penalty Against Opposing Team - 2
  • Smaller Players - T
EA Sports Teams: 
  • Go to the credits screen, when the picture of the programmers appear type "pioneer".  Let the credits continue and finish and then play an exhibition game.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Team Select Screen and EA Sports 1 and EA Sports 2 should now appear.

Cover Athlete

 John Vanbiesbrock, Goaltender of the Florida Pantthers      

System Requirements for PC Release

  • Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
  • Minimum CPU Speed: 75 MHz
  • Minimum RAM Required: 8 MB
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 25 MB
  • Minimum OS Version 95.0
  • Graphics Type: SVGA
  • Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
  • Color Depth: 256 Colors


  •  First NHL game from EA Sports to only feature 1 athlete on the cover, every cover since has only had 1 cover athlete.

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