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Nozomi Harasaki
Nozomi Harasaki
Nozomi was born in Japan but grew up in Canada, before moving to Yokosuka to live with her grandmother. She works at Aida Florists in Dobuita. Ryo Hazuki stood up for her in high school when she was bullied over the fact that she grew up in a different culture, and she has secretly been in love with him since then (the degree to which you see Ryo and Nozomi's relationship progress is dependant on the choices the player makes). She is kidnapped by Chai and Terry Ryan in a bid to blackmail Ryo into taking out Gui Zhang, a move that would strengthen the Mad Angels dominance in Yokosuka Harbor, but Ryo and Gui Zhang team up to defeat them and save Nozomi.
Nozomi is undoubtedly the main love interest in the first Shenmue game. However, she doesn't make an appearance in Shenmue II, a game which includes numerous female characters that could be viewed as potential love interests for Ryo ( Joy, Xiuying Hong, Fangmei Xun, and Shenhua Ling). Although the Shenmue story is said to be complete, the game franchise has been long dormant with no signs of being completed: it remains to be seen if Nozomi is the lady that Ryo ends up with.

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