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A clay figure of Paula.

Paula Polestar is one of the Chosen Four in the Super Nintendo game EarthBound (as well as the game's re-release, Mother 1+2). She is the second main character to join the party, and the only girl in the Chosen Four. She attacks using PSI powers and frying pans.

Paula grew up in Twoson. She is the daughter of the owners of Polestar Preschool. She first contacts Ness via telepathy while he is sleeping at the first Your Sanctuary location. She asks Ness for help, as she was kidnapped by the Happy Happyist Cult and Pokey Minch. After being rescued by Ness, she presents him with the Franklin Badge (which helps him in a battle with Carpainter, the boss of the Happy Happyist Cult). Paula later is the key to defeating the final boss, Giygas, through her ability to Pray.

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