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Poo is one of the Chosen Four in the 1995 Super Nintendo game EarthBound (as well as its re-release, Mother 1+2). Poo also makes an appearance in both Super Smash Bros. Melee (as a trophy) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a sticker). Poo is a unique character in that many of the usual healing items used by other characters (such as hamburgers, fries, and other western foods) don't give Poo much of a healing benefit. Rather, he eats more eastern items, such as drinking water, noodles, and magical desserts. Brain Food Lunch heals his HP and PP fully. Poo uses a wide variety of PSI powers, as well as being decent at physical attacks. His special ability is to mirror monsters and he has a high resistance to fire and ice attacks.

Poo is the Prince of Dalaam, and has been training in martial arts. He is the last character to join Ness and his posse. When he joins the party, he finishes his strict training regimen by going through an intense meditation process. Poo meets up with the rest of the Chosen Four by teleporting to their location in Summers. He insists that he has been chosen to help them, and swears allegiance. Poo leaves the party temporarily later in Scaraba, so that he can learn one of the most powerful PSI moves in the game, PSI Starstorm.

He cannot equip standard items like charms, yo-yos or hats. He has special equipment (items of Kings) that is only found by fighting enemies or finding particular present boxes.

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