PC Screenshot thread

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@zenmastah: You've probably listed them before, but can you post what hardware you are running?

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I'm on a terrible laptop not suited for gaming...

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Here's the original EVE Online (or, OK, not the original Elite, but it's sequel, Frontier). Still an amazing game to this day, though the controls take some time getting used to.

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The Steel Mill. On of the more sad places in Fallout 3.

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Puzzle Agent 2

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Deadpool, just for laughs.

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Dear Esteban

You can download it free here.

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The AI likes to build fancy ports.
Death to the pro-environment farmers, I need their island to supply Alcohol to my industrialist regime!
Mopping up the last pockets of resistance.

Anno 2070, very pretty even when running on my laptop.

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

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Vanilla, downsampled from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200

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Hitman Absolution

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Sword of the Stars: The Pit

Maybe not the best roguelike, but I'm certainly enjoying it; definitely the kind of game I can play for hours without realising.

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This port does not support 16:10 aspect ratio so i had to crop the images.
Runs really well otherwise, havent played online yet so have no idea how that works.

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@zenmastah: Is there local co-op in MK9 on PC and how does it work? :)

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@vextroid: Your post reminded me of the fun times I had with Absolution, so here's my contribution:

I'll see your 47, and raise you a G. Fister.

Not sure what that dude on the right is smoking, but I think it's affecting me too...

That's not a gun, THIS is a... oh, wait...

Then I remembered Sleeping Dogs.

"Don't mind me folks, no need to get out of my Wei..." /groan

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My rogue and his possy living in the age of dragons.

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@altairre: Adolin...you a fan of WoK? Or is that the name of something in the game?

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Fatalities Edition

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Woodle Tree Adventures

And now for something completely different...

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@aegon said:

@altairre: Adolin...you a fan of WoK? Or is that the name of something in the game?

Good eye. I did in fact name him after the character in WoK. I really liked the first book and thought that it was a fitting name for a human noble.

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Finally got around to playing it.

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Mass Effect 3

4K Downsampling

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Sleeping Dogs

Extreme settings on a GTX 770. I think I broke it...

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The Swapper

4K Downsampling

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So I've been fumbling my way through Dark Souls finally. Man is this game gorgeous.

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Altitude0 free airplane racing, new game that needs more players to join online racing... I need competitors to beat.

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Wifebeaters for everyone!
Wei "Panama" Shen likes Organic foods and tofu based meat substitutes. He's an active conservationist and a friend to the animal world. he has trained his body to be a lethal weapon, but that doesn't mean he isn't sensitive and he doesn't appreciate it when people judge him for his love of light blue T shirts and pastel sunglasses.

And yea... this is Sleeping Dogs on Medium-low settings because I'm running it on a laptop.

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Surgeon Simulator 2013

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Half-Life 2

Just messing around with some of the console commands.

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Mass Effect 3

Downsampled from 2880x1620 to 1920x1080

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Picked up Kentucky Route Zero for 50% off on Steam. Was a little skeptical, because it's quite pricey, but so far definitely worth it.

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Dear Esther

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Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile

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Who said skyrim wasnt colourful?
You are in for a bad time.

Im no hero.

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Portal 2

More messing around with stuff while waiting for trading cards to drop >_>

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I knew it was bleeding edge when it came out, but Crysis still looks great. Playing it smoothly on the highest settings.

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Mass Effect 3

4K downsampling

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo

4K downsampling

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ArmA III: Beta

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@swoxx: Hows the stability of ARMA 3 been, tried the alpha awhile ago and it ran like shit.

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