What game is currently in your PS3?

#151 Posted by DeadMonkeys (827 posts) -

Rockband Deuce

#152 Posted by skywing (1153 posts) -

It should be InFamous but it's actually WarHawk

#153 Posted by Nettacki (1320 posts) -

Blazblue Calamity Trigger.


#154 Posted by Gav47 (1542 posts) -

Race Driver: Grid
Massive fun on clan night

#155 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2053 posts) -

Civilization Revolution 

#156 Posted by knicknak (23 posts) -

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars

Been playing it for months, doesn't get old.
#157 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

Persona 4

#158 Posted by Dizzyhippos (1569 posts) -

Valkyria chronicles ftw

#159 Posted by Arjuna (888 posts) -
#160 Posted by Changgo (127 posts) -


#161 Posted by KuroXai (84 posts) -

Killzone 2. Trying to get back into the multiplayer so I could get the map packs.

#162 Posted by pygmy (16 posts) -

Fat Princess. Only played a little bit of the single-player, servers seem to slow to actually play online right now.

#163 Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (754 posts) -

Persona 4, hey I'm a sucker for crazy awesomeness.

#164 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

What is literally in there at the moment is just the Watchmen Blu-ray. But game wise what has been exclusively occupying that space for about 3+ weeks now is Persona 3 and I am not that far into the game (about 30 hrs now) so it will still be a good while before something else goes in there. I had P4 lined up to go straight in afterwards but I think I'll need a break once I get done with this one because I have many untouched games collecting dust because of it.

#165 Posted by ieatlions (708 posts) -

halo 2

#166 Posted by cb1115 (137 posts) -


#167 Posted by Mr_Bauer (398 posts) -

MLB 09 The Show

#168 Posted by JasonBlood (27 posts) -

Persona 4 and some Nocturne

#169 Posted by Manatassi (791 posts) -

UT3 and I'm mostly playing Wipeout HD, since the Fury update.

#170 Posted by DarkSeraphim (237 posts) -

prince of persia. lol.

#171 Posted by Griddler (3344 posts) -

Orange Box, I love me my TF2
And Trash Panic because that technically is in my PS3

#172 Posted by Blomakrans (151 posts) -

Just finished Afro Samurai tonight and was quite pleased. Next I'll probably put Demon's Souls in, or maybe get Fat Princess of PSN.

#173 Posted by Devil240Z (3430 posts) -

shatter! that game is dope! but ive actually been playing alot of 360...

#174 Posted by YetiAntics (1493 posts) -

King of Fighters XII
#175 Posted by Subject2Change (2966 posts) -

Demon's Souls again. Just finished Force Unleashed and want to finish Demon's Souls before the US release and i shelve my Korean copy.

#176 Posted by MeierTheRed (4941 posts) -

Demon´s Souls, and it has been there for over two weeks now.

#177 Posted by TragicallyErock (109 posts) -

last game played was inFamous, but lent that to a friend.
Intending to go back & play through that as evil, but he's taking longer than anticipated to finish with it. :(
Now it'll probably nothing until Uncharted 2

#178 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1917 posts) -

Chrono Cross.

#179 Posted by lead_farmer (1041 posts) -

COD4, but i got tired of playin with hackers

#180 Posted by DVzomb (38 posts) -

Playing Saints Row 2 for the first time. I made a character that looked like Faith from Mirrors Edge except much more athletic looking.

#181 Posted by xDARKxKnight (91 posts) -

Nothing, because im playing Battlefield 1943 ;)
But technically that is in my PS3 seeing as its on my hard drive lol :)

#182 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

Overlord II

#183 Posted by Butchio (333 posts) -

i picked up a brand new socom with an offical  head set for only £15, its awesome and thats wats in right now

#184 Posted by Burns098356GX (1366 posts) -

Battlefield '43 and Little Big Planet!

#185 Posted by wewantsthering (1594 posts) -

Fat Princess and Battlefield 1943.

#186 Posted by McQuinn (651 posts) -

Blaz Blue, Fat Princess

#187 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (560 posts) -
@Sleepy_Insomniac said:
" Yakuza 2. "
#188 Posted by lancer75 (88 posts) -

Ridge Racer 7.

#189 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1331 posts) -


#190 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4899 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid, Disc 1

#191 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (448 posts) -


#192 Posted by Spike94 (735 posts) -

Resident Evil 5, here. Rented it. Played it less than I thought, but it's fun. It's due tomorrow and I am just about halfway done...waiting for a friend to buy it so I can just have them lend me it for a few days or so. I was planning to play until untold hours in the morning, but 1. I have work tomorrow, but even moreso 2. that wasn't going to happen anyway.
#193 Posted by simon1 (129 posts) -

Wipeout HD

#194 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2165 posts) -

Shatter :)

#195 Posted by Toxin066 (3326 posts) -

inFamous. 2nd Playthrough. Evil Cole!

#196 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

Fallout 3. i decided to pop it in see how it is again.. Also been playing some uncharted drakes fortune and infamous..

#197 Posted by JOURN3Y (230 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Yeah I'm one of those kind of peoples.

#198 Posted by ryoma122 (699 posts) -

final fantasy 7 god i love that game

#199 Posted by Griddler (3344 posts) -
@CoolDrMoney said:
" Motorstorm. I've gotten to the point where the rubber-band AI is a bit ridiculous and only the final 5% of the race matters "
So you've just started the game then?
#200 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

UFC '09, UFC 101 today, go BJ Penn!

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