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why is it only a few dollars more to get a wired controller than to get the wireless adapter? Microsoft products upset me.

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Yeah I've been excited to play it as well after all the talk, and I agree 100% with you about the controls.  Feels a goofy using wasd, contemplating picking up an adaptor to use my 360 controller to play.

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I'm struggling.  I've done the first 4 or 5 investigations and it literally feels like I'm guessing with alot of these interrogations.  Maybe I'm just bad, or maybe I'm just not get these subtle hints from the people's expressions, but it's frustrating as hell.

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Thanks for the advice.  However, after just messing with it over and over it started working.  Absurd.  I had it lying flat for the first time ever while running, originally, then stood it up and keep playing with it and it just started working.  I would hate to say that that could have been the culprit bc it simple doesn't make sense but I have no other ideas. Lol.

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Just have a question/seeking advice.  Recently moved and currently setting up my entertainment center. For some reason when I am playing a blu ray through the ps3 I am getting no voice.  I still have the music and sound effects but no talking. TBH I played the behind the scenes portion of the disc first and had no problems until I switched to the feature. I have since tried another blu ray with the same effect.  Seems strange to me.  Not sure if it's a ps3, hdmi cord, or tv problem.  And unfortunately I don't have cable to check sound against, and have no DVDs here to check against with the 360..  
Anyone else with a similar problem or know anything?  Thanks for the help.

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I thought the playstation was just a blu ray player.... interesting

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Cinnamon brown sugar, warmed up just a bit.  Hands down the best.

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Thanks for the email address. I've tried PM Jeff and Ryan with no luck and didn't know any emails.  I'll give that a shot.  Thanks for the advice.

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Wasn't real sure where to address this so why not here. I purchased two oscar mike shirts but when I received the delivery there was only one shirt in the package.  Were the shirts mailed separately or was there a goof up when you put my order together?  Also, the shirt I did receive was the wrong color shirt as well.  That's not really a big issue however, I just wanted mention that as well. Thanks gb staff.
edit: My order # is 2250.