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Posted by Hailinel

Excellent list.  I have Nier, but I've only played a couple of hours into it.  I need to find the time to give that game the effort it deserves.

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Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

Half of your list is games I wanted to play but didn't get a chance to.

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Posted by Timing

Even though I've only played number 1 and I am thus not qualified to comment on the quality of the other 9 games, I'll still recommend this list because you're one of the very few people on Giant Bomb who actually (and rightfully) appreciates NieR. It is truly a shame that so many people dismiss it, because they're all missing out on arguably the greatest story and soundtrack of the past year(s).
And yes, it's very depressing. I found myself saying "Well... shit." before, during and after every boss fight leading up to ending B. Cavia sure knew how to make an emotionally engrossing game.

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Posted by coonce

alpha protocol? hrmmmm.....

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Posted by doublezeroduck

I totally agree on Mass Effect 2. I had so much fun while playing it, but looking back at it does make me think. The choices from the first don't really make much of a difference. Here is a cool article from Bitmob where a dude sums it up pretty well.