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i never buy anything from psn before. thinking to get hd remix and marval vs capcom 2.
what i want to know is the future of screen. after i hit the buy button... where it take me? to payment option? where i put credit card? or credit card already in?
also i have this situation..... i dont have a primary psn id yet... still thinking which one to stick to. i like both names but damm i cant think which to stick to. if i buy stuff on psn store.... i can only be play on the id i purchased with right? what about console-id?  
big question:
say i purchase it with "console-id-1 with psn-id-1" can i be able to play it in "console-id-1 but with psn-id-2" ?

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whats york?

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i wonder why i despise snitching. wheather it be good or bad... i hate snitching. maybe  i think snitching is too childish. i dont bother snitching. hasstle and i dont like to want face. only children wants face.
anyway i encourage others to snitch as it benefit the owners properties. as for me... i void being a snitcher but encourage you guys to help the place clean.

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man i dont know why the heck i ask. come to think about it... each game is only about 9.70! now tell myself..... do i want kof11/shodown? yes as i love fighting games and my ps2 is hooked up to the same tv i hooked up my ps3. ps2 via avi and ps3 via hdmi. apreciate your opinions though.

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Burnout Paradise for 29.00 out the door! is that a good deal? but oh wait theres more! two bonus ps2 games comes with it! Samurai Shodown Anthology and KOF 11!  (note all brand new sealed)
so Burnout Paradise + Samurai Shodown Anthology + KOF 11 = 29.00 out the door!
good deal or bad deal? for buying.

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Vanessa be in it please.

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please everyone vote for Vanessa! make SNK be heard that us fans wants Vanessa!!!!!!!!

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someone answer me. 
 is that gonna be only 25 characters total????  
if so.... then im greatful that mai is back and King is in it but also disapointed cuz no Vanessa!!!!!!!! please reconcider Vanessa! please let her be in it!
please everyone vote for Vanessa! make SNK be heard that us fans wants Vanessa!!!!!!!! 
the overall visual of the game is astonishing as kof 11, a true 2D graphic root turns into super saiyan.
what i dont like is that why the fuck they make the camera zoom out? why they dont keep the camera from 12????? i like the camera from 12.... close up zoom which makes it feels more detail and make the overall gameplay immerse in detail! characters height is near HP bar... makes it great and wonderful. and i like camera from street fighter 2 more than camera from street fighter 4. street fighter 4 is close up and characters height is near hp bar.
please everyone vote for Vanessa! make SNK be heard that us fans wants Vanessa!!!!!!!! 
will it have new moves to iconic characters like mai and terry? cuz in SF4 and super SF4.... ryu, ken, chun li  ect.. all have same shiet! no new moves to see! same old crap! dammmit!
Mai kinnda look way too young in 13. she supose to look like a 20-25 year old.... but here she look like 13-16 year old.
that guy in red and bow in his head..... i first saw him in maximum impact and he look way tougher than he in 12 and 13! he look like a girl!!!! what the fuck???? he turned transexual? i have nothing against transexuals but why did he not look tough like maximum impact? weird... to see him like this when i first saw him manly and tough. 
oopz guess i got mix up with these 2 guys. they turn out to b a different person. this guy look like a girl is named ash and that guy in maximum impact is alba meira. hahahaha cNT BELIEVE i thought they same person.
will Mai have that move where she stand still while eurupting flames all over her body? like in snk vs capcom 2? hold down for 2,3 sec then up+punch. anyone see she do that yet in 13?

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@masterpaperlink said:

" killing someone when there on a kill streak is pretty lame "

yeah agreed. good thing i dont kill people cause of that. jealousy no good. i rarely go in friendly fire enabled matches. i shoot people in friendly fire disabled matches for fun for a few sec.
killing someone when there on a kill streak is pretty lame.
at mytersiousbob...... iif you get work up over something like that to the point where u must go to there house then you and your kind got a huge issue! counseling may help!
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