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yeah man whats the benefit for instaslling os? can someone tell me? i never thought installing one. and whe  it pop up asking to install firmware upgrade... i jus go for it with no hestiation. better be up to date and secure better than having risk of hackers hack your shiet through os.
so whats the benefit for installing os or linux?

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" @AnnouncerGXZ:  It's a very common resolution for 720p HDTVs (my TV uses it as well), but that doesn't mean it's natively 720p -- that's 1280x720. Also, 5 inches is extremely close to be watching a 22" monitor. "

i see. well ok maybe i shouldnt use the word native 720p... say common 720p should be better then.  1366x768 seems more accurate for 720p signal.... and 1600x900 is wird and odd for 720 so i thought 1366x768 would be better.
the 5 inch away.... i dont watch it like that regularly, i just use it as testing picture quality. it also pixelated when watch 5 feet away. yup 5 feet is exact measure... i got measuring tape right now and i just measure form the tv to my chair... 5 feet. yeah 5 feet it was still pixelated noticibly. now it dont cause i turn off sharpness. the damn sharpness....
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but why is i dont see 1280x720 tv?

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" 1366x768 isn't native for a 720p signal, 1280x720 is.  If your PS3 is spitting out 720p then the image is being 'upscaled' (either by the PS3 or the TV itself) to fit the screen.  Instead of being able to just take 1 pixel from the signal to fill 1 pixel on the screen, it is having to take an educated guess at what each screen pixel should be showing.  When it guesses wrong, you may notice artifacting on the screen.  This is probably compounded by the fact that 1366x768 isn't even really a true 16:9 resolution, so not only is the image being stretched, but also stretched out of ratio a little bit.  It might be worth checking your PS3 settings to see if you can set the output to 1366x768 (and if you can't then set it as close as possible).  The image will still be upscaled, but your PS3 might be significantly better at doing it than your TV. "

first off.... when i put sharpness to zero... it solved the problem! no morel looking jagged edge!
so about you saying 1366x768 is not native 720p..... you sure? is that mean you saying 1366x768 is not common for 720p tvs? but every 720p tv i check is mostly 1366x768.... and i have never seen 1280x720 tv ever before!  i see like 1366x768 like 99% of time and i see about 10% of 1600x900 tv. 1600x900 is rare so i thought that could be a problem of bad picture.
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 ok..... few while ago i bought a 20" LCDTV mainly for a small room playing ps3. so i hook it up using HDMI and when playing games the picture is pixelated especially when looking 5 inch away is very noticible. when look 5 feet away cant really tell. so i sold the damn TV thinking its defected or not native res cause it. it was 1600x900 resolution. i cant tell if it pixelated on cable tv and i dont care for watching tv... only gaming.

so next after got the money.... bought a 22" 1366x768 res. thinking it will be no problem cause i thought what cause the pixelation for the previous 20" is cause it has 1600x900 res, which is not native for 720p signal nor 1080p signal so i thought it cause stretch and descale/upscale problem. thats why i now got this 22" 1366x768 res which is native for 720p. ok so now got it.... hook it up using HDMI and play ps3..... same god damnn problem occur!  pixelated and crumy when look 5 inch away.... its like ZERO Anti-ALias! jagged edge and such. even when look 5 feet away is noticible. my 19" standard TV has no jagged edge at all!

now what the hell i supose to do???? can someone please help me out? whats the problem? is it noraml for it to happend on a small TV? or it happend to be coencidence for TWO small tvs to happend? please help me out. i mainly using it for ps3.

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" @AnnouncerGXZ:  mouselook.  Thank you for playing, better luck next time. "
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i like third person more generally. but first person always have better gun sound like hard and powerful.... while third person like crimecraft, just cause 2, gta sound tiny, metal tin but must give props to max payne since its the only third person shooter ive seen that the gun sound is hard and powerful.
maybe i jus dont like fps much cause its too popular for these days.
but really regardless...... Third-Person-Melee is the shiet. ninja gaiden, devil may cry, prototype. melee over shooter any day. they jus need to make online multiplayer for melee instead of shooter.

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unreal tournament default speed is fast enough.... im only cool if game without spint but have fas default run speed like unreal tournament.

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" @AnnouncerGXZ said:
" i fucking hate it too fps with no sprint and second is it annoys me and frustrated to press shift for default sprint. its like uncomfortable to do it.... why dev think its cool? i always remapp it to Q. press w and q is easier and comfortable. "
on consoles its usually right under your thumb :P "
thats why console is better. comfortable controls no hassle. in pc controls  are uncomfortable and hassle to remapp customly... we want to launch and play right off the bat! and all game mapped controls ar ein our finger tip! not some 100s of keys and 7% game-keys and all get mix up together.... dont know what key is what key. but in console all keys ar ein our finger tips.
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i fucking hate it too fps with no sprint and second is it annoys me and frustrated to press shift for default sprint. its like uncomfortable to do it.... why dev think its cool? i always remapp it to Q. press w and q is easier and comfortable.