Some games that came out this console generation that I thought were pretty good (in a unordered manner)

I think the idea of an all encompassing "Game of the Generation" is really stupid. While I happily participated in the popularity contest that happened on the forums and and am more than willing to tell you dickbaskets exactly how much New Vegas is better than Fallout 3, I figure I may as well just throw out some games that I really enjoyed these past 8 or so years that also came out these past 8 or so years in an unordered manner where everyone gets a trophy and I don't have to deal with the stigma that comes from picking an obvious populist choice like Skyrim or Mass Effect 2 or an ironic hipster choice like your Gone Homes and whatnot.

If you think I've missed something, chances are it's probably slipped my mind. Feel free to remind me and I'll probably tell you "WHY WOULD THAT GAME EVER BE ON THIS LIST"

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I like Radiant Dawn dammit. Though those difficulty problems are quite... problematic.

Posted by GreggD

I think Black Ops 1 is VASTLY superior to MW2. Call me crazy, but the setting and guns and story were just so much more interesting to me.

Posted by Vermisean

Great list - I had totally forgotten about Ghost Trick! What a great game.

Posted by ILikePopCans

Yeah, I knew the GOTG polls in the forums were a popularity contest when I saw The Last of Us vs Ghost Trick.

And yeah, CODBLOPS > MW2