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I would second a lot of the games on here, like Bastion for example, but I wanted to add another to the list - Fusion: Genesis. Fun little top down space shooter with some RPG elements. There are MMO aspects too but there aren't enough players at this point.

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GT: Steelle88.

My pawn is ~lvl 60, currently set up as a fighter. The vocation is maxed but her stats are better suited to Mage which is also maxed. If you need me to switch her, feel free to add me and send a message. I would really appreciate someone renting her out.

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How can the theme be anything other than Windjammers?

GTAV won't win GOTY. Jeff was probably the biggest fan of that game, and he has stated recently that the online being shit has negatively impacted his opinion of GTAV.

Edit: Thought of a cool idea. It being the end of a generation, they do a "best of" theme, either piecing together segments from the past few years, or recreating them.

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I find it hilarious that you necro'd a thread with a comment that doesn't expand at all on the conversation from almost 3 years prior.

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You own 210 games worth: $2,440.18 USD.

Not sure if I should be happy or sad about that...

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@zolroyce said:

@fancysoapsman said:

I'd like a sequel to SWAT 4. That game was the tits.

Agreed, still love playing that game, holds up alright still but a new one would be great.

Some may call me insane but I think a new SWAT with voice controlled actions would be kind of awesome, and the series suits it so well, you could issue orders to your guys with particular speech phrases "Breach, bang, clear" when you go into the room you could yell out freeze and stop and hands up, all that good stuff, I think it would be kind of interesting. SWAT 5! Better with Kinect?

Anyways, I would love a new


game, even a small one on the 3DS or some such thing would be great.

I have thought for a while that a SWAT or Rainbow Six Vegas game would benefit greatly from voice commands, or with the Kinect, even hand gestures. Setting up breach and clears silently by using gestures would be pretty badass.

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Oh yeah, a whole bunch.

1) Ghost Trick

2)Tie Fighter

3) Jedi Academy (let me play as Kyle thank you very much)

4) SWAT 4

5) Kane and Lynch 2


7)Bad Company 2

8)MoH Airborne

9)No One Lives Forever


11)Red Faction

Most of those won't be happening.

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Either hand sanitizer or a full glass of white vinegar. I'm an easy person to dare.

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Only managed to listen to it this morning, but hot damn! That was one of the best Bombcasts I've listened to in a while.Glad I wasn't alone in that opinion.

Vinny IS the internet.

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Most recently, End of Watch. Specifically the final scenes.

At Zavala's funeral, Taylor tries to deliver a eulogy, but only manages to say "He was my brother". I can't explain how devastating that line is to me. They then cut to this scene of them joking around together while on patrol a few days earlier and somehow it just makes it worse.