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Michael or Trip if you wanna call him by his Startrek Enterprise name is responsible in my eyes for destroying Atlantis.. they just couldn't recover from that story line... anything that guy touches seems to turn to shit. Shame because I watched all Atlantis and agree with you.. so would I!
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I wish there was a way that I could block you from me seeing any posts that you write... because everything you write just really fcin annoys me.. maybe if I just avoid your threads that would be a great start huh! This and your Mod brown nosing is out of hand!
You just come accross as a real retarded needy attention seeker, or maybe I just miss the points of your threads/posts?



" Hey guys!  I am super cool!  I get drunk, and do you know what I do?!  I sit on my computer and write about it on a video game website!!!  Aren't I a badass?!  I should get a tattoo or something. "

exactly what I was thinking.. but I dont even buy that the original thread post is legit, which blows your mind if you think about it!
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when you say abortion do you mean the overall show or just that the doctor woman is probibly going to have one?
Yes it seems to be getting better every episode.. I wasn't a fant of the first half of series one that they felt that they had to drive is mad with pushing every character down our throats.. but now that seems to have calmed down and I thought that the latest episode with the planet they go and live on for a month was excellent.
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Uhmm Isn't this the same as yesterdays I hate coffee thread?

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*Yawn more The Ex tester stuff huh....

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@Jrad:  lol interesting, I know how to rip text directly from a HTML page, (Into a .txt) then to use in a Java/C++ program, not sure how I would go about Pasting into windows and extracting etc... Ive seen things like this before (bullshit generators) although that travesty seems to be broken
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For this website that I am building (not gaming related)I was wandering how to stimulate the forums.. I was thinking is it possible to create forum posts generated by a computer program. Since I have built the forum from scratch using SQL and PHP my admin, and use PHP and SQL to display it dynamically on my forum pages, I was thinking:
I could create a program in PHP that randomly triggers responses to threads, there was posts in this forum that gave me the idea, such as: 

  • cool story bro, i'm off to play more pokemon 
  • *Random Pic
  • Thats really intersting but have you considered *random comment*
Was thinkin it might help retain traffic in the sites early stages of the sites lifecycle by faking and simulating other users in the fourms and help the possibility of the site becoming popular.. what u reckon?
Or should I just keep taking the medication?
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WTF is going on with them, mad
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Lol, I havn't seen one of these threads before?

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Come on dude.. all we really ever wanted to see when we started watching this was Peter vs Sylar in a matrix style flying about with lightning fighting to death and countering each other moves...
If this will not allow for other story lines because of overpowered characters then so be it.. finish the series with style instead of drawing out all this pointless Nerf bat storytelling because of overpowered abilities, that gets annoying:
Peter lost his powers through his dad stealing them
Sylar lost all his powers 3 times now and has become good twice, one was a future vision granted
Hero got the nerf bat through a brain tumour making him speak in riddles.. WTF
Tracy.. I dont know what the hell is going on wit her.. now she's water/ice.. I thought she was super strength?
Matt refused to use his powers for a while due to moral crisis
Claire gets the nerf bat through her neverending termoil through the relationship with her daddy issues.