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Companies want you to preorder, the assault of announcements that would come out if everyone saved everything for E3 would mean everything except the very biggest games would be lost in the stream. I feel that its a bit less exciting when a lot gets announced before, but I don't think its realistic to expect companies to change.

If you really want to see everything at E3, you should go on a media blackout for gaming news a couple of weeks before.

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God, movie trailers are so bad these days. That trailer shows everything, lots of important plot points that feel so relieving when Mark finally manages to sort them out, here they have shown them already.

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On one hand, Mirror's Edge was one of my favorite games to come out of the last generation. On the other, the EA that let that game be made is almost night and day to the EA today. That was when EA had their initiative to create new and unique games, which we know they feel they got burnt on quite bad. (RIP Dead Space) I credit Mirror's Edge being so unique a lot to that. The game is really weird for a big budget release, its just a first person running game. Combat is a complete after thought and it has incredible depth to the mechanics. Anyone can clumsily run through the game and probably have fun, but when you really get deep into the time trials and try to really perfect your gameplay. It reveals a depth that is amazing to behold. It requires such precision and timely pressed button combinations that I am frankly surprised again and again that it got released in that state.

Which brings me to this. EA now seems to want to make as safe bets as possible. Which could make Mirror's Edge suffer greatly. I hope I am wrong, and its the cynic in me speaking. I am just afraid that Mirror's Edge was a one of a kind thing that can't be recaptured.

Still want to see it, and hopefully I am wrong!

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I rather it is that way, its way too easy already to outlevel stuff.

If you got XP for everything, I would be wary of exploring because I hate being ridiculously high level for main quests.

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I have had plenty of flaming in this game, around the levels you see in other MOBA's.

I really don't think this will have any less, except not seeing the other team, most of the vitriol usually comes from your own team though. Overall, I think everyone will have different experiences with this, I play a lot of dota and while its certainly there, I don't find it that bad.

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Its even worse than that old collection that came out years ago.

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So is Operation Abyss any good?
Been looking at it, but can't decide if I want it.

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Witcher seems more appropriate considering how hot the game is right now.

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Silent protagonists is lazy and unimaginative.

right, because saying "i should go" at the end of every conversation just bursts with imagination.

if shepard was silent, my shepard would be far more interesting and complex than anything drummed up for a mass audience, even if yours would not.

leaving every aspect of how an rpg evolves up to the developers is a mistake, it overrides the potential for creativity, but more people seem to want to be spoonfed, and can't look past the limits of what's official / canon, two words that should never apply to interactive media.

Stripping out the voice of Mass Effect would not make Shepard a silent protagonist. Shepard is still a character, with own opinions and ideas, written by the writers. You simply choose which one of four-or-so predetermined lines of dialogue you find most appealing, not your own thought up reaction to the situation. Just because a voice actor didn't read the lines wouldn't mean you have more options of deciding who the character is. That is silly, its a written character, with dialogue options.

Link is an example of a real silent protagonist, who doesn't say anything, period. The Fallout 3 protagonist speaks in the dialogues you find better than the other, you just don't hear it.

Your lines about how leaving every aspect of an RPG to the developer being a mistake, is genuinely your own opinion and one I wholeheartedly disagree with. The Witcher is one of my favorite RPG series ever, and they have a clear distinct main character that is interesting and has personality and makes me want to play the games. Written playable characters are not the antichrist of RPG's. I hate the idea that RPG's should just have blank slates as playable characters, with no personalities, self thought simply because you want to self insert your own ideas into it. I rather we have good writers write a compelling story, your own character included.

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XSEED is just amazing. Might get a ps4 for EDF 4.1